Friday, June 25, 2010

Red Tears

I suddenly remembered this book i read about three years ago. - above title.
I remembered feeling for the character and being apalled yet strangely intrigued by her self-harm actions when she started feeling terrible pressure.
She was strong and vulnerable at the same time.
The book tells about how the teenage girl tried her best in maintaining to be good at the things she was good at but later fell due to pressure. the pressure came from parents and schoolmates.
She later turned into a girl so different than who she was before.
Recommending and also searching ! :D

Official announcement ;

I no longer own a phone, so further contact will be a little difficult.
I would also deactivate my fb the next time i go online.
I would also ceased blogging.

Well, life sucks when pressure exists.

A penny for you thoughts

i've always wondered why we cry when we feel hurt.
coz it hurts when i cry.

i want to feel nothing and numb please. :(

sorry, this is me, being depressed.

to you ; i needed you just now. :(

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