Friday, June 11, 2010

you are 16 going on 17 ;)

haa, what else, wish la wish la ! heheheh :D

yes this old gal is growing older and older and officially seventeen today.
i am wishing all 11th June celebrators a very Happy Birthday !!

today was quite empty actually, we just went out to buy a cake, i went to tuition - tbe2 rajenn ,
home; locked myself in the room and on9 !
thanks to all who remembered and wished me ! iloveyou people so damn much ! <3 <3
at 12 oclock midnight was the best i guess.
syggggg korg3 yg wish time tuh. ishk, mmg org yg slalu on9 late at night aa tuhh.

haa, and you who got my phone engaged for 30mins until 12, thanks link <3 x) 

aziemaa tersyg lakk,,
tenx 4 the 17 texts !! ifa sygg kamoo forever, tk kesah dpt kude ke takk ;D :D

wanietot chumell,, thanks sygg, wish you were near ;( rinduu!

the day has not ended yet, but i'm content with what i have.
NAK PREZZIE !! <3 <3

i'm too full of perkieness today, plz forgive moi ;)

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