Friday, June 4, 2010

Adventure is out there !

I just watched UP !
Im gonna be 17 but i love cartoons so wutevs to people thinking cartoons are bogus around this age.
just because you're old, doesnt mean you cant watch cartoons.
it's always nice to watch cartoons like up, sweet, romantic, sad, funny !
I laughed unstoppably during that movie and teared up at the sad scenes.
moral of the cartoon - if you ever get a guy like mr sam frederickson, dont let him go ! ;D <3

so it's the holidays now though it doesnt feel like it to me.
i feel awfully claustrophobic, badly in need of a time out from kaytee.
i dont have much to complain, i love being around friends, the hillarious stuff we get into and all.
but i get bored when there's abs nil to do.

we had to cancel our plans to go to the funfair tonight due to lack of members of the gang.
so that's how i came to watch UP. ;)

Abah : Not going?
Me : Nope. No one can go.
Abah : Want to go?
Me : Whoaa ! Abah want to go?
Abah sengehh
Irra : Cannot ! I want to watch UP !

so up we did.

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