Sunday, February 27, 2011

who are you ? i am number four ! ;)

alex pettyfer is damnn hott ! hehe. so i'll probably be a bit biased in rating this movie, i think it's cool, wayyy better than tron -_-"
and the number six girl rocks ! she's better at fighting than number four. here's the flaw, somehow, number four is supposedly to be most powerful, but during the fighting and stuff, number six seems better. hahaha
almost missed the starting of the movie. someone, was late. i half-thought to ditch the movie and wait haha. sacrifice alex pettyfer ? big move ? huh, anything for you lah. :)

current ; i say we go to war !

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

egomaniac ;)

i still can hardly believe my luck. sweet serendipity huh ?
the fact remains, that i can be cold at times, unpurposely. cause it is simply an instinct of mine to shield myself from the possibility of getting hurt.
i suppose that's where you come in. there aint no need for a bulldozer to knock down the walls, you just presented yourself after a polite knock on the door. funny how you made it near enough to simple, for me to let my guard down.
but i'm still me. intent on preserving my pride.
i gotta learn this, a girl's ego can steep over a guy's. but the girl has gotta give in once a while.
for girls, ego is built.
for guys, it naturally appears within them as they grew.

moving on to another thing to ponder upon.
so should my sis go to SESTER ?
she may be a pain in the neck at times, what with her haughty manner and indifference to other people's feelings, but no sister's heart would not ache at her despair and tears of being forced away from home.
but she's gotta learn how to live in this world and not always just be comfy in her little safe bubble.
the most important thing she's gotta learn is to tolerate with other people, even like other people. believe me, my sister has the tendency to dislike everybody who she doesnt count as her friend.
i suppose you can call her a lil spoiled, but in a good way ?

allright, time to hug munchini ;)

Monday, February 21, 2011

pretty pretty please.

would you stay my guardian angel ? for i'll feel lost and insecure without you :)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

yesterday's news.

okay let's talk weddings ! hahahh ;)

during the 3 day festival pelamin, must've been the highlight of my boring february 2011 month ;DD
mcm2 ktorg buat. mnari, menyanyi, menjerit, mandi air mawar. fuhhh syok gile gile ;)
haa, lone experience for me lak,
jadik pengantin acting. bersanding youuu !
pastu pastu,
jadik model -_-"
nak kate terrible, taklah sgt. yg tahu, mmg tak patot lahh ifa jadik model nehhh.
ifa involuntarily became the model for make up, unfortunately, what i didnt know was that after the make up thing, i have to do a catwalk, showing off the dress and make up. the dress was beauuutifulll - haha promote promote - but hello ?! IFA ON STAGE IN A HEAVY AND LONG RED BLACK DRESS WITH 4 INCHES HIGH HEELS ?! insaaanneee !!
nak jalan macam kucing pon fail, pastu atas runway tuh, muke garang sombong berlagak abes2n.
bukan ape, SAYA TAKOT SGT ! tuhh tak igt senyummm.
geng2 besst yg setia menunggu dan melihat sy mcm idiot atas stage tuh cube wat sy senyum all the time dri bwh. hahaha. thanks dearies ! ;)

emm dapat kawan2 gile yg baru, knal org2 gile, knal org2 best. haa, highlights aa smue tuh.

so anyways, ifa agak malas nk cite psal bnde yg dah lame lepas neh. pics ? FB ! nnti sy upload.
Kirey Bride ---- find in FB ;)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

feeling like not sleeping tonight.

emm sorryyy, i know that i promised to tell about the festival pelamin stuff.
but let's wait a lil while longer. whenever i go online, i just dont have that mood to be all excited about anything. maybe later. when im in a better state.

lifehouse - broken is my song mood of the week.

emm you just werent there for me.

lagi-lagi ;

nothing more than friends.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

renjis2 air mawar

habes ponn karnival pelamin nehh. fuhh, penat punye penattt.
erm nak cite exclusive pasal Karnival Pelamin ne tak ?
hehe, wait for the next post. i have to go sleepp. my munchini is calling me !
tpi kami - geng pasang pelamin - ifa wani apih - sgt looking frward after minggu neh. sbb ? wahh, tak ramai org kawen bulan due lahh.
TAPI ! masyaAllah, bulan tige GILE GILE busy ! ramaii syot nak kawen ! nak2 12hb tuhh. 6 pelamin kene pasang dalam 1 hri ? uish, 3 pelamin pon mcm nk pengsan. hahaha.

conclusion ; looking for 2 guys to be part time pemasang pelamin. paid according to how many pelamins you worked on. preferably has a car license. able to climb ladders, use a stapler gun or in KIREY's language, 'ketangg', load and unload heavy objects, take orders and able to endure a day without eating until the work is done. hahaha no worries, around 1am we'll have those missed breakfast lunch and dinner ;D

munchini says goodnight munchkins !

emm, imissyousomuch, love, that i couldnt help but feel a little hurt as much as i try to ignore it.
but being me, it's so hard to say that directly to you. :(

Friday, February 11, 2011

my day being a tall person ;)

well, for starters, it was not a bad day at all.
screw the fact that im not all psyched with my face at the moment, what with my abruptly changed eyebrows, and my eyes still sting of the aftereffects of fake eyelashes and that my face throbs from the hour of scrubbing to get all the make up off.

okayhh, trying to keep this short, coz im terribly sleepy.
today, i was the 'model' for the make up contest. what i didnt know was, with it, comes the fashion show contest.

so i pretty much went up the stage and looked like a damn fool.
sbb tu tk dpat placing pon kott. em maaf ea rakan2 seperjuangan Kirey Bride :(

em pape pon. bess aa hri ne, *sbb sesi fotografi ngn geng2 havoc ne jea benor ;D

tomorrow tomorrow !
inviting all to come. please support our pelamin ! ;D

Thursday, February 10, 2011

hai selamat pengantin baruu ;)

err lagu tu entah brape ratus kali dah diulang dan ulang dan ulang kat TTC tadi. nk tido ne pon terngiang-ngiang lagi. that's how bad the song was. haha!

haa, it's been a while since i've last updated. bukan malas - which is usually my reason to stop doing something XD - tapi keadaan tidak membenarkan. busy busy. why why ? i jadi pengantin laa youu.
tapi, 24jam je * ok that's a lie, tk sampai aa, tapi agak 1 hari lorr.

oh, havent explained a damn thing yet, haa, skg ne, tga Pameran Pelamin kat TTC tuhh.
ape lagi, KIREY BRIDE tuh mesti lah bertanding * mcm nk menang. ehh no kidding, 1st place dpat kete lah ! * promote promote.
10th - 12th -- you'll see me lingering around that place. that is, if you decide to be there, and since i am probably going to go red in face if you - being someone i probably know - saw me there.
why ?
em 1st reason -- hari ne ! 1st day pameran !
fuyyooo, awek2 cun pakai baju pengantin lahh.
sucks being me, dpat baju ikan duyung. tight around the legs, gawdd it was bloody damn hard to walk !
skali mase VIP nk round2 tuh, i dont know whose brilliant idea  it was for a couple of pengantin to be on the pelamin, buat2 acting mcm renjis2 air mawar smue tu aa.
haaa, pengantin lelaki aka ' suami untuk tempoh 24jam sahaja ' saye tak laen tak bukan, apihh si mamat kartun aka hafizah XD
it was weirddd but in a good way i guess - ignoring the fact that the 'groom' is superannoying *maaf ;D- sbb throughout the process, we had fun * and dapat menarik byk pelanggan ;D
lagi2 sbb ade geng2 superduperbestandhavoc tuh adee sbg promoter ea ;D

okehh habes untuk 10hb Feb.
skrg 11hb Feb.
emmm, untuk sebarang keterangan, sila rujuk dgn cik miwa dan cik madie serta cik leya esok dari pkul 10am-4.30pm, cik leya, cik azie dan cik cheah dari pkul 4.30pm-11pm.
ifa ?
errr, pagi sy nk golek2 atas katil dulu, pstu fitting baju.
petang ? muke sy akan jadi bahan experiment untuk menconteng muke.
erhh, kne pakai ke kasut 4 inci tuh ? tkyh laa. pakai sneakers dgn baju kebaya pengantin lawa dahh. XD * nk sorok kasut tu.
err oleh itu, pd waktu petang, tkyh laa ge ttc tu. kang awk nmpk hantu -- me with make up on. and the running eyeliner -- mate sy tk than bile letak eyeliner. soo, waterworks ! haha

12hb ? umm, tkthu lah ape jadi. keje sy sbg replacement patung pameran baju pengantin dah abes sbb ade model pro dah ! Kak Ina ! haha.
oleh itu, 12hb is the only day of the pameran i am looking forward to. heee

em all in all, bessst sangatt kejee skg. sbb ade geng2, and rakan2 on call pelamin yg sekepala -- Apih and Wani.

news on driving lesson -- Manual SUCKS big time. Auto BAPAK SENANG ;D

emm biarlah post neh rojak banyak sket, oh and takde mood nk wat kaler2. kat ttc tuh dh terlalu colourful dh. ckup aa, black and white lak x)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Blame it on too much Upelkuchen ;)

Today must've been one of the most uneventful day this week. hahaa.
 Well screw that, im catching glee at 9 - if there are no complications.

Recommending ; Kurt Schneider's videos on youtube. he's soo amazing.
my fave video - pachelbel's canon - using cellphone.
Sam Tsui's covers blew me away as well.
faves ; King of Anything and If I Die Young ;)

MadHatter ; Yes yes, but you would have to be half-mad to dream me up.