Monday, January 31, 2011

Apparently, driving makes me sleepy ;)

yeayyy first time driving and i didnt suck ! i've learned to parallel park, the jalan mati thingy, and at the hill as well. so cool ! my left leg aches now, and my arms throb from all that work of turning the wheel, but hey, it was awesomee ! hahah !
thank you to my instructor - Abg Joe - who was patient with me taking a looong time to turn the wheel, and the many times the car went dead, and me still feeling nervous after the second hour. hahaa.

okee, nap time with munchini ! ;D

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lost my muchness, have i ? ;)

Be patient with me starting from now, i am once again, head over heels totally topsy-turvy in love with the MadHatter !
if i'm supposedly half-mad to be loving someone who's half-mad as well, so be it. im standing my damn ground ;)

Okay, story timee, munchkins !

Morning ; to the shopp, but only for a while, then i was sent home, to clear up the house, and later, caught When In Rome.
*sighs, Finding that  someone who completely adores you and is ridiculously in love with you, every girl's dream, aint it ? ;)

Evening ; to the shopp againn !
ugh ugh,
remind me again why i agreed to this in the first place ? oh yeaa, im still under 18, i have to follow what my mom says, still. -_-"
i have reluctantly agreed to become the 'doll' for my mom's upcoming Pameran Pelamin.
her make up artist has the permit to powder me white, colour me pink, scribble squiggles and loops over my face as she pleases. ugh ugh, patience ifa, it's for some $$ !
you'd see some waterwork when she tries the eyeliner on me, haha ! my eyes are suuuppeeerrrr sensitive !
oh and, i LOATHE fake eyelashes. i mean, wth ! my eyelashes are feeling heavy enough with all that macara thank you very much.
i could go on and on and on about all these make up i hate but i believe i'd bore you to tears. ok, correction, i dont particularly hate make up, it's just, hands off my face if you're gonna make me look like, well, not me. T.T

Night ; Date date with my one and only, MadHatter !

Upcoming ; Tomorrow 8AM -- Vroom vroom ! please God, dont let me look like a complete idiot when i'm in that driver's seat. heehee.
last shoutout ; I LOVE MADHATTER <3

ok, munchini says Goodnight ! ;) 
 title ; Alice's quote -- referring to when MadHatter stated that she seemed to have lost her muchness. 

Saturday, January 29, 2011

but you'll always be my hero.

my wish - and irra's - has at last been fulfilled. we had wanted to go to secret recipe since the time we got back from kl last month.
why ?
chocolate lava , that's why ! hahah, fave fave dessert of the moment.
full of chocolate sweetness that will fatten me up, but who cares. imma chocolate lover.
cant help it hee ;)

emm today was a dragg as usual. i spent my evening playing the piano - with irra nearby singing - playing whatever comes up on my playlist on my phone.
soo the songs that i have successfully played til the end ;

daniel powter - next plane home
rihanna - love the way you lie part 2 -- favourite!! of the moment ! on the piano it sounds soo niceee ;D
taylor swift - back to december
bunkface - extravaganza
taylor swift - hey stephen
secondhand serenade - something more
red jumpsuit apparatus - your guardian angel :))
goo goo dolls - before it's too late

knowing me, if i dont play these songs everyday, i'll forget the notes soon enough ;DD

woww, im that bored that im talking about these stuff on my blog ? ugh.

current ;

ibu kate " nak belajar maen guitar ? ask abah to get you one. ibu know someone who can teach you. "
confused here. should i ? i do so want a guitar. haha ;D

allrightt, my munchini is calling me to go to bed. tomorrow gotta work ! ;)

a peek into my mind ; sometimes, i get tired of waiting :(

title ; love the way you lie part 2
*clears throat -- no, i will never love the way you lie x)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

triumphant !

ibu kate takpe kalau ifa takmoh sambung motor. yeay yeayy ! selamat pergi motor ! ;D
 so now, focus kete ! em emm, bile nak calling pok wahab neh ? hehee

hmm ? tu ahh, pelik gak, why in the world did i start writing in bm ? err. pape jelah. biar rojak sket blog neh. note ; sy tak suke rojak ;D

so lets see,
updates ;

 erm, suddenly you're like the person i've known for almost all my life. okay okay, exaggerating, not all my life. but well, for five years of mine.

truth be told, i missed you :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

depressed :(

no i dont need to see a damn shrink. i just need something to keep me occupied.
being bored, having nothing - that i like in particular - to do is making me feel dreadfully useless which throws me into this foul mood, being depressed all the time. and that makes me go into a state where im not always alert, easily irritated or pissed. yes, i would look extremely dull if you see me right now.
so dull that i fell asleep before 10 oclock just now, woke up around 12, watched grey's anatomy a bit, and i cant seem to go and sleep again :(

okay moving on.
did you catch glee s2 ? danngg gal, i must've set my expectations wayyy too high coz i felt like that 1st episode aint much. i mean, i've been waiting fr 25th Jan since last year ! that's longg right ? oh well, new character -- Sam Evans <33! yess ! a new guy to gush over after the tragic painful loss of Jesse st james. haha ! ;DD

okay again, next !

my piano had been with me since the time when my feet could barely reach the pedal when im sitting on that chair.
so yes, the piano had always been one of my greatest love growing up. i always feel slightly cheered up after playing a song or so. and im in dreadful need of some serious cheering up nowadays.

list of current faves to play on the piano ;
mind you, some are my all time faves, so, a classic or an oldie ;D
super junior - no other
pachelbel - canon in D
twilight's bella's lullaby - river flows in you version? - i think that's the title :?
one republic - secrets
miley cyrus - when i look at you
katherine mcphee - terrified
tears in heaven
let it be
taylor swift's -- several, so im a lil lazy to list em. ;)

list of songs im struggling to find the notes to because i really really REALLY want to play these smoothly ;)

sara bareilles - king of anything
colbie caillat - you got me
taylor swift - speak now
bon jovi - what do you got
lee dewyze - sweet serendipity

emm lagi lagi ?
ehh i got nothing.

my wish ; for all my problems to fly away. i need peace :(

good freaking night, world :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I heart Bandung ; Third Page ;)

Indonesia : Day Three

we were up by five, down for breakfast by six and in the car by seven something - since we're chasing after daylight.
i was allowed to sit at the back alone - thank god for some time alone from older women ;D - and left to my thoughts, and enjoyed the view of the place on the way to bandung, - well for a bit. i fell asleep half an hour later, haha !
when i woke up, i was greeted by vast green hilltops with sometimes thick, sometimes a soft thin fog blanketing them. it was well, a pretty picture to wake up to. :)
upon arriving in Bandung, the adults rolled down their windows to enjoy the cool Bandung air. and i shivered at the back. hahahh.
of course, we were brought to pasar baru, where my mom scoured for more of her stuff. it was a bit later that at last i was allowed to find something to shop. and scored these awesomee wedges which had these denim-sneakers-look. ;)
next we went to factory outlet. here, you'll find several weird looking shops. the first i noticed was the one with the hugee spiderman figure embedded on the front of the building.
there was this store called the Superman Outlet, and there were like awesome tees with the usual superman logo, superman's "it's a bird, it's a plane bla3 "
and they even displayed these small action figures up front.
my mom wouldnt let me get any souvy fr guys, so too bad, just looking through lah ;P
downside of the place, there were these people selling things walkingg around, no wait, FOLLOWING you around. they were so terribly hard to shake off. at a point, i thought the guy selling keychains would follow us everywhere. -_-" creepy, if you experience it.
but hey, the place was a nice place to shop - mostly teens' clothes XD

next, my favourite place coz it's classy and not crowded ;D - Rumah Mode !

erhhh, just the most beautiful place to shop. there was like a garden, fountains, sweet-looking cafes with those redwhite-checked tablecloths. ;)
scored -- black cardigan, exotic looking heavy purple slippers , love love it x)
and my mum bought my dad shoes, and a tee. sorryy abah, we couldnt find those golf pants you wanted ;(
next next !
Kampung Daun !
omg, if you were to come to bandung, this restaurant is a MUST ;)
it's on a hilltop -- i dont remember the way, i fell asleep hahaha ! -- and you get to dine in these cute comfortable shacks where you get to sit on the carpeted floor. with pillows too ! sighs !
in a way, it is a nice place to dine with you family. also, perfect for romantic dinners consindering the light gives that candlelight dinner atmosphere <33
our little shack has the best view ever, right infront of the beautiful waterfall.
note ; it is a natural waterfall, the restaurant was built in a way that the waterfall is not harmed at all.
at the very top, a more usual restaurant look is given, but still, really breathtaking.
the food ? divine ! yummy, simply yummy. hahaha.
after strolling around for a bit, and into the gift shop, we were back on the road, to jakarta.
and that night, i caught a fever which got better when i arrived in Malaysia the next day. so, as much fun as indonesia had given me, Malaysia wins hands down as being better in many aspects. no better place than home, right ?

so ends The Indonesia Trip One.
the next time i go, i'm hoping that it wont be only about shopping. i'm more interested in sightseeing, going to those museums i saw on the way, taking lots of beautiful sceneries pictures than just passing by. well, that's my hope :)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kurangi Kecepatan ; Second Page :)

Indonesia : Day Two

day two starts with an early rise; 5 oclock in the morning -- mind you, indonesian time ! hahaha
breakfast at grandeur, welll, i could not be happier. what with my fave pancakes topped with chocolate syrup being my first choice. and the waiter even let me add some icing sugar.
total sweetness, and i wonder how ive gotten so fat there -_-"
after making sure we've supplied enough energy, - never can be enough when you're shopping with my mom XD - we're off to Tanah Abang.
from a far, it looked, high class, being a cream-green tall building with nice patterns and all,
but once inside, well, it's pretty much like mangge due.
small stores here and there, and shopkeepers waiting for you, " beli kak, boleh kak " bla bla bla kak. hahaha.
well my mom was trying to change my image, what with my usual black tudung, to a shawl kind of girl. its not that i think its not nicee, its just that it takes too much pampering to get it look right.
so we looked fr shawls and some other kind of tudungs. hahah.
my shopping fr the day ; 3 carry on bags.
my mom's shopping fr the day ; A LOT :|
we walked from the 10th floor to basement. TIRED ! ;(
there was this wedding dress butik, she spent like, 2 hours choosing about 20 dresses. i even fell asleep and the mamat2 indon taking care of the booth were like trying to cheer me up. i was like, wth ? leave me alone, i dont want to smile and talk, im sleepy. and so, they left me fr a bit until i was in a better mood. haha
so we formed acquaintance with the people in that shop. and towards the end i allowed myself to chat a bit with the workers, -- okay they talked and joked, i struggled trying to understand quickly enough to talk back. hahaha
one of the boys, Alam i think that's his name, helped with the heavy load to the parking lot.
so culture shock here -- during our parting, he held out his hand to my mom and the aunties like casually and they shook hands. when he came to me, i was like, what ? thank god, i was wearing my gloves, so just to not offend him, shook hands. pelik kan org indon ? i swore he was a Muslim. im wearing gloves everytime i go shopping at indon next time ;D
so after Tanah Abang closed, we were off for a place to eat.
it was a seafood place called Pondok Laguna.
not bad at all. the place looked expensive and everything.
Cik Lynn said if you were to meet indon stars, this would be the place. believe me, i looked around, and not see one person who looked the slightest bit familiar. haha x)
and soo ends Day Two. :)

laterr Day Three ; Bandung :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sila Pasangi Sabuk Pengaman : First Page ;)

introduction :
this is going to be longgg, peeps !

prologue :
my trip began when i arrived in KL on 9th:)

Me and my mom stayed overnight at Kak Roh's house in Subang. At first i thought this was going to be awkward, but turns out, it was awesomee ! We went shopping in shah alam, while the grown ups looked at boring stuff, us youths stayed in the background, singing, ice-cream licking, snapping photos. haha ;)
at night we went for a meal at Kedai Kopi which is at my-used-to-be-favourite Shah Alam Park. more photoshoots, and we rushed home to catch AJL, not that the kids watched much hehehh.
stayed up late with the three kids - naughty naughty, they had school in the morning lah ! they wouldnt listen to me when i asked them to go to bed. haha. aunty diorg pon satu, marah tak ikhlas. hahaha:D
and in the morning they were off to school, and me and mom to the airport.
to my two favourite nieces and favourite nephew, sarah, sofea and zaki, you three rock hardd ;)

Indonesia : DAY ONE

touched down on jakarta at approximately 12 malaysian time, 11 indonesian time.
coming out of the airport, we were abruptly surrounded by indon men, asking if we want a taxi, or need help with our luggage - which one should never do because they'll ask for money after they helped you or worst, steal your stuff. O.O
our tourguide was waiting with a black Toyota Avanza right out there. that was the first time i met Pak Zam :) my description ; serious looking, bald, look fierce if he had not a nice smile on his face. hahahh.

a newlywed couple Mkcik Lynn made friends with in the plane hitched a ride and we dropped them off at Millenium Hotel.

then off we went to Le Grandeur, our humble home for 3 days ;D
during the trip to the hotel, i stared only out the window, trying to see anything that could amaze me, surprisingly, i thought it was almost like KL, only busier and messier.
oh and the first thing that amaze me, was the fact that all the motorcyclist have astonishingly good-looking helmets, no matter how trashy their bikes look. like seriously ! i even saw this old pakcik on a total rusty motorbike wearing the kind of helmets you see people with bikes like Kawasaki wear. haha ! funny funny ;)

After settling in, we went to Mangga Dua which was conveniently, rigghttt next door.
we had to shop in a hurry since the whole building closes at 5pm. - seriously 5 ? mane sempat shopping ?!
my mom got a few cloths she need for her shop - in other words, i was dragged around the hugee place looking for a few piece of cloths. :(
we scoured the whole place, from floor 5 to basement. it was so exhausting i tell you ! oh well, at least i scored one nicee blue checked blouse ;)
at last when the storekeepers started packing their stuff, we returned to the hotel - thank God ! ;) - and got ourselves ready to go out for dinner.
Pak Zam brought us to a restaurant called Natrabu. it is a Minang cuisine restaurant -- im not so sure i got this right :D
the food was alriighhtt. i ate surprisingly a lot. seriously ! i dont usually eat that much for dinner :| after that, Pak Zam went around the town for a bit, and back to the hotel we went.
tiring tiring day, but well, i was still happy to be having a vacationn :)

i will stop for now!
Indon Day Two coming soonn :)


Friday, January 14, 2011

i LOVE Malaysia

pakk, sy sudah pulanngg !

full description of what i thought indon looked like to me will be posted when i get home.
i have this massive headache due to having a fever which i got on my last night in indon.
in my defense, i got sick because i missed malaysia ! haha !

pics will be uploaded later, though there arent many since my the camera's battery emptied on my 3rd day when i was in cool bandung ;)

cheerios !

Saturday, January 8, 2011

D'you know, you know i love you so

i'll be taking the early flight to KL. and will be staying at Kak Rohaya's house for a night.
on 10th, 
 it's hello Jakarta :) 

goodnews ; just took that comp test i've been stalling for a while. haha. i got 48/50. not badd considering i just studied last night and this morning. haha !

my current mood, not that you'd care much, but hey, you're reading up till here right ?
thrilled - going for a trip ! i totally need an out from my daily routine for a bit.
dread - for the tireness that awaits me :|
happy - hey i passed that freaking test !
touched - hushh :)
loved - i'll keep that to myself as well :)

title : coldplay - yellow

Friday, January 7, 2011

fave quote at the moment ;)

if you love me, you'll never leave me, no matter how pissed off you are.

gratitude exerted to the one who actually gave me the idea for this quote hahahh ;D

King of Anything - Sara Bareilles

Keep drinking coffee, stare me down across the table
While i look outside
So many things i'd say if only i were able
But i just keep quiet and count the cars that pass by

You've got opinions, man 
And we're entitled to 'em, but i never asked
So let me thank you for your time and try not to waste anymore of mine
And get out of here, fast

I hate to break it to you babe, but i'm not drowning
There's no one here to save

Chorus ;
Who cares, if you disagree
You are not me
Who made you king of anything ?
So you dare, tell me who to be ?
Who died, and made you king of anything

You sound so innocent, all full of good intent
Swear you know best
But you expect me to jump on board with you
And ride off into you delusional sunset

I'm not the one who's lost with no direction
But you'll never see
You're so busy making maps with my name on them in all caps
You got the talking down, just not the listening, and


All my life i've tried to make everybody happy
While i just hurt and hide
Waiting for someone to tell me it's my turn to decide

Chorus 2x

Let me hold on to your crown babe

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waiting for someone to tell me it's my turn to decide

this post has no purpose besides a need to update.
so be patient with my raving ;D

so yeah, i told myself that i need to give my blog a makeover. i had been scouring the web for some decent background for this blog, but believe me, im soo fussy that every single background i see would be criticsized - too bright, too girly, too emo, too simple. heishh. cant i just hire someone to do this ? oh wait, im broke. haha ;D

i had started working with my mom for two days now.
my job right now pleases me, since im in charge of all computer stuff - edit photos, drawing up schedules for projects, running the business's FB, bla3..
but everything's peaceful now since its jan and my mom only accepted a small number of projects.
the horror comes in feb. i remembered after my pmr i had to stay up until about 2am at her shop doing all those hantarans. and sleepiness totally downgrades what little creativity i have. hahaha ;) 
but im just thankful to have something to do. besides, i get to go online while working, how cool is that ? hahah
salary ? depends. my elder sis used to work for her to. in a month, she got about 200 which was , what, 2% of my mom's projects that month ? so the more projects i help her with, the fatter my purse would be ;DD

highlight ; i rarely shop on my own. it's nicer to shop with my mom because she's all about the truth when i emerge from the fitting room. -- no, you'd look fat in that, no you'd want to wear this to look taller, no, that's so out of season. --- huh, she's better at fashion than me, though sometimes i had to disagree to her taste. hers is sometimes too..womenly perhaps ? i prefer simple, rugged, neat. whatever. ;) 

upcoming ; im going to jakarta and bandung from 10th to 12th ! im just accompanying my mom, she needs to restock her wedding dresses ( you know, there are already a few that i have my eye upon, haha ! ) but suree, she'll let me do some shopping. :) -- anybody wanting to pesan2, contact nehh :D

downside -- my mom has unlimited energy when she shops and only collapses after she's done. usually halfway through, i can barely stand. hahahh :D

title : king of anything - sara bareilles -- current fave :)

ps ; i simply just adore you :))

Monday, January 3, 2011

i can only look over my shoulder to that place, where i cant go back.

biasenye klu tarikh neh, kte try stay up, brape kli dh dlm mse 5 taon, kte tk dpt wish awal2 kan ?
well, i've known you for 5 years, and for the past 3 years you've been my bestfriend.
pastu konflik punye konflik, well things changed.
i want to go back to that day, tapi takot out of line.
yelah, ur someone else's, girls get jealous easy lah, so nak jage hati dye kan, plus, i am sooo not gonna be the reason u both get into another one of your fights.
im waiting for the clock, then im gonna wish u happy birthday.
you've been there for me a lot of time, when im rarely there for you.
whatever it is, i hope we could be bestfriends always k.

-- due to everyone reminiscing using those numbers thingy on fb. im doing this. haha !
if you read this, well, this was what i kept trying to say, but always changed my mind in the end.
wishing you happiness :)