Wednesday, January 26, 2011

depressed :(

no i dont need to see a damn shrink. i just need something to keep me occupied.
being bored, having nothing - that i like in particular - to do is making me feel dreadfully useless which throws me into this foul mood, being depressed all the time. and that makes me go into a state where im not always alert, easily irritated or pissed. yes, i would look extremely dull if you see me right now.
so dull that i fell asleep before 10 oclock just now, woke up around 12, watched grey's anatomy a bit, and i cant seem to go and sleep again :(

okay moving on.
did you catch glee s2 ? danngg gal, i must've set my expectations wayyy too high coz i felt like that 1st episode aint much. i mean, i've been waiting fr 25th Jan since last year ! that's longg right ? oh well, new character -- Sam Evans <33! yess ! a new guy to gush over after the tragic painful loss of Jesse st james. haha ! ;DD

okay again, next !

my piano had been with me since the time when my feet could barely reach the pedal when im sitting on that chair.
so yes, the piano had always been one of my greatest love growing up. i always feel slightly cheered up after playing a song or so. and im in dreadful need of some serious cheering up nowadays.

list of current faves to play on the piano ;
mind you, some are my all time faves, so, a classic or an oldie ;D
super junior - no other
pachelbel - canon in D
twilight's bella's lullaby - river flows in you version? - i think that's the title :?
one republic - secrets
miley cyrus - when i look at you
katherine mcphee - terrified
tears in heaven
let it be
taylor swift's -- several, so im a lil lazy to list em. ;)

list of songs im struggling to find the notes to because i really really REALLY want to play these smoothly ;)

sara bareilles - king of anything
colbie caillat - you got me
taylor swift - speak now
bon jovi - what do you got
lee dewyze - sweet serendipity

emm lagi lagi ?
ehh i got nothing.

my wish ; for all my problems to fly away. i need peace :(

good freaking night, world :)

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