Monday, January 24, 2011

I heart Bandung ; Third Page ;)

Indonesia : Day Three

we were up by five, down for breakfast by six and in the car by seven something - since we're chasing after daylight.
i was allowed to sit at the back alone - thank god for some time alone from older women ;D - and left to my thoughts, and enjoyed the view of the place on the way to bandung, - well for a bit. i fell asleep half an hour later, haha !
when i woke up, i was greeted by vast green hilltops with sometimes thick, sometimes a soft thin fog blanketing them. it was well, a pretty picture to wake up to. :)
upon arriving in Bandung, the adults rolled down their windows to enjoy the cool Bandung air. and i shivered at the back. hahahh.
of course, we were brought to pasar baru, where my mom scoured for more of her stuff. it was a bit later that at last i was allowed to find something to shop. and scored these awesomee wedges which had these denim-sneakers-look. ;)
next we went to factory outlet. here, you'll find several weird looking shops. the first i noticed was the one with the hugee spiderman figure embedded on the front of the building.
there was this store called the Superman Outlet, and there were like awesome tees with the usual superman logo, superman's "it's a bird, it's a plane bla3 "
and they even displayed these small action figures up front.
my mom wouldnt let me get any souvy fr guys, so too bad, just looking through lah ;P
downside of the place, there were these people selling things walkingg around, no wait, FOLLOWING you around. they were so terribly hard to shake off. at a point, i thought the guy selling keychains would follow us everywhere. -_-" creepy, if you experience it.
but hey, the place was a nice place to shop - mostly teens' clothes XD

next, my favourite place coz it's classy and not crowded ;D - Rumah Mode !

erhhh, just the most beautiful place to shop. there was like a garden, fountains, sweet-looking cafes with those redwhite-checked tablecloths. ;)
scored -- black cardigan, exotic looking heavy purple slippers , love love it x)
and my mum bought my dad shoes, and a tee. sorryy abah, we couldnt find those golf pants you wanted ;(
next next !
Kampung Daun !
omg, if you were to come to bandung, this restaurant is a MUST ;)
it's on a hilltop -- i dont remember the way, i fell asleep hahaha ! -- and you get to dine in these cute comfortable shacks where you get to sit on the carpeted floor. with pillows too ! sighs !
in a way, it is a nice place to dine with you family. also, perfect for romantic dinners consindering the light gives that candlelight dinner atmosphere <33
our little shack has the best view ever, right infront of the beautiful waterfall.
note ; it is a natural waterfall, the restaurant was built in a way that the waterfall is not harmed at all.
at the very top, a more usual restaurant look is given, but still, really breathtaking.
the food ? divine ! yummy, simply yummy. hahaha.
after strolling around for a bit, and into the gift shop, we were back on the road, to jakarta.
and that night, i caught a fever which got better when i arrived in Malaysia the next day. so, as much fun as indonesia had given me, Malaysia wins hands down as being better in many aspects. no better place than home, right ?

so ends The Indonesia Trip One.
the next time i go, i'm hoping that it wont be only about shopping. i'm more interested in sightseeing, going to those museums i saw on the way, taking lots of beautiful sceneries pictures than just passing by. well, that's my hope :)

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  1. Haih, next time you go, take me there too eh! Hehhe :D