Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lost my muchness, have i ? ;)

Be patient with me starting from now, i am once again, head over heels totally topsy-turvy in love with the MadHatter !
if i'm supposedly half-mad to be loving someone who's half-mad as well, so be it. im standing my damn ground ;)

Okay, story timee, munchkins !

Morning ; to the shopp, but only for a while, then i was sent home, to clear up the house, and later, caught When In Rome.
*sighs, Finding that  someone who completely adores you and is ridiculously in love with you, every girl's dream, aint it ? ;)

Evening ; to the shopp againn !
ugh ugh,
remind me again why i agreed to this in the first place ? oh yeaa, im still under 18, i have to follow what my mom says, still. -_-"
i have reluctantly agreed to become the 'doll' for my mom's upcoming Pameran Pelamin.
her make up artist has the permit to powder me white, colour me pink, scribble squiggles and loops over my face as she pleases. ugh ugh, patience ifa, it's for some $$ !
you'd see some waterwork when she tries the eyeliner on me, haha ! my eyes are suuuppeeerrrr sensitive !
oh and, i LOATHE fake eyelashes. i mean, wth ! my eyelashes are feeling heavy enough with all that macara thank you very much.
i could go on and on and on about all these make up i hate but i believe i'd bore you to tears. ok, correction, i dont particularly hate make up, it's just, hands off my face if you're gonna make me look like, well, not me. T.T

Night ; Date date with my one and only, MadHatter !

Upcoming ; Tomorrow 8AM -- Vroom vroom ! please God, dont let me look like a complete idiot when i'm in that driver's seat. heehee.
last shoutout ; I LOVE MADHATTER <3

ok, munchini says Goodnight ! ;) 
 title ; Alice's quote -- referring to when MadHatter stated that she seemed to have lost her muchness. 

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