Monday, January 17, 2011

Sila Pasangi Sabuk Pengaman : First Page ;)

introduction :
this is going to be longgg, peeps !

prologue :
my trip began when i arrived in KL on 9th:)

Me and my mom stayed overnight at Kak Roh's house in Subang. At first i thought this was going to be awkward, but turns out, it was awesomee ! We went shopping in shah alam, while the grown ups looked at boring stuff, us youths stayed in the background, singing, ice-cream licking, snapping photos. haha ;)
at night we went for a meal at Kedai Kopi which is at my-used-to-be-favourite Shah Alam Park. more photoshoots, and we rushed home to catch AJL, not that the kids watched much hehehh.
stayed up late with the three kids - naughty naughty, they had school in the morning lah ! they wouldnt listen to me when i asked them to go to bed. haha. aunty diorg pon satu, marah tak ikhlas. hahaha:D
and in the morning they were off to school, and me and mom to the airport.
to my two favourite nieces and favourite nephew, sarah, sofea and zaki, you three rock hardd ;)

Indonesia : DAY ONE

touched down on jakarta at approximately 12 malaysian time, 11 indonesian time.
coming out of the airport, we were abruptly surrounded by indon men, asking if we want a taxi, or need help with our luggage - which one should never do because they'll ask for money after they helped you or worst, steal your stuff. O.O
our tourguide was waiting with a black Toyota Avanza right out there. that was the first time i met Pak Zam :) my description ; serious looking, bald, look fierce if he had not a nice smile on his face. hahahh.

a newlywed couple Mkcik Lynn made friends with in the plane hitched a ride and we dropped them off at Millenium Hotel.

then off we went to Le Grandeur, our humble home for 3 days ;D
during the trip to the hotel, i stared only out the window, trying to see anything that could amaze me, surprisingly, i thought it was almost like KL, only busier and messier.
oh and the first thing that amaze me, was the fact that all the motorcyclist have astonishingly good-looking helmets, no matter how trashy their bikes look. like seriously ! i even saw this old pakcik on a total rusty motorbike wearing the kind of helmets you see people with bikes like Kawasaki wear. haha ! funny funny ;)

After settling in, we went to Mangga Dua which was conveniently, rigghttt next door.
we had to shop in a hurry since the whole building closes at 5pm. - seriously 5 ? mane sempat shopping ?!
my mom got a few cloths she need for her shop - in other words, i was dragged around the hugee place looking for a few piece of cloths. :(
we scoured the whole place, from floor 5 to basement. it was so exhausting i tell you ! oh well, at least i scored one nicee blue checked blouse ;)
at last when the storekeepers started packing their stuff, we returned to the hotel - thank God ! ;) - and got ourselves ready to go out for dinner.
Pak Zam brought us to a restaurant called Natrabu. it is a Minang cuisine restaurant -- im not so sure i got this right :D
the food was alriighhtt. i ate surprisingly a lot. seriously ! i dont usually eat that much for dinner :| after that, Pak Zam went around the town for a bit, and back to the hotel we went.
tiring tiring day, but well, i was still happy to be having a vacationn :)

i will stop for now!
Indon Day Two coming soonn :)


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