Monday, January 3, 2011

i can only look over my shoulder to that place, where i cant go back.

biasenye klu tarikh neh, kte try stay up, brape kli dh dlm mse 5 taon, kte tk dpt wish awal2 kan ?
well, i've known you for 5 years, and for the past 3 years you've been my bestfriend.
pastu konflik punye konflik, well things changed.
i want to go back to that day, tapi takot out of line.
yelah, ur someone else's, girls get jealous easy lah, so nak jage hati dye kan, plus, i am sooo not gonna be the reason u both get into another one of your fights.
im waiting for the clock, then im gonna wish u happy birthday.
you've been there for me a lot of time, when im rarely there for you.
whatever it is, i hope we could be bestfriends always k.

-- due to everyone reminiscing using those numbers thingy on fb. im doing this. haha !
if you read this, well, this was what i kept trying to say, but always changed my mind in the end.
wishing you happiness :)

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