Sunday, May 30, 2010

a-tish-oo they all fall down.

i dolefully regret not studying hard enough for chemistry.
i mean all the 'peruncingan' was there. i just couldnt get my lazy butt on the chair at my study table.
seriously, i hate myself at times.
i was all tensed when dutifully answering chemy 1.
how can i not be? tcher wan was all " i'm sorry, but you have to sit for the accounts paper today."
ohh the horror ! i havent even touched the damn book ! - it was supposed to be on tuesday for us.
and after the chemy, " you sit for it tomorrow."
phew, but then, didnt i have est 1?
when i asked again, she said she cant do anything and i have to fix it myself.
i'd probably sit for est during bio 3 then. ;)

i've always wondered why school management can never satisfy our needs and wants.
sometimes it seems as if they're actually out to torture us.
at times, my silly little mind would believe that adults take pleasure causing us kids, grief.
hahahh ;)

i also found myself becoming bitter these days.
when a girl's got issues, she definitely got issues.
but i swear, sometimes the bitter words i say, i get shocked myself.
sure it gives momentary pleasure in saying something spiteful about something you totally hate.
but then, i wouldnt like it if someone says that about me right?

being young, - acceptable okayy - falling for someone is a totally normal thing right?
and is falling out of love normal too? huh, ceased love exists. :(

well, i have papers to the end of the week - does thursday really count? its est 2 and, well you get it right?
i cant wait for the false taste of sweet freedom.

ps; yes it's late news, but still. Lee Dewyze won ! i am totally loving that crooked smile and green eyes ! ;)

paramore ; and i'm on my way to believing.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

brainiac maniac

so exams are for testing you right?
and examiners are for murdering you?
and exam papers are for tearing?

i wish that was the case. it sounds somewhat more.. em, close to the truth?
1 week of exams already down.
if you ask me how was it, my already burnt face would turn darker and i would purse my lips and my eyes would burn fire. okay, exaggerating, but still.
how in the world can pieces of papers make you feel like an effing idiot?
lets reminisce,

Akaun - i am so dead. x(
PAI - hoping to get at least A-
BM - erk? well, i've never been great in this.
EL - i wrote 2 papers worth of crap.
Sejarah - shooting range
Physics 1&2- i felt like throwing up answering these.
Add Maths - i'm already bracing myself for the lectures to come. -_-"
Another week to go. It will be lighter than this week, but there is no confirmation that it will be easier.
Chem, Akaun1, Phy3,EST.
I am sooo not ready for you,
but what can lil old me do.
My midyear exams are soo gonna cost me.
refering to word 'HELLO'
Rachel Berry : " I'm sorry Mr. Schue, I was concentrating on the first syllable."

Friday, May 14, 2010

hey, soul sister !

aint that mister mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move aint fair you know~

ehh i syokk, hahahh ;)

ohh, purpose of this post !
a scene from castle when he and his mother were helping his daughter to find the perfect prom dress ! - sometimes i wish schools here have proms, minus the date stuff though ;)
ps : i dont remember their exact script, so forgive moi XD

castle : all the dresses look the same. what does it matter?
mother : now that's where you're wrong. see, women always think they have some flaws, thighs too fat, limbs too skinny, face too pale. so we make ourselves find the perfect clothes to cover up these flaws. then, we could feel beautiful.
castle : huh, i still remember the time when a pink tutu and a plastic tiara was enough for her to feel beautiful.
mother : well, we spend our whole lives to feel like that again.

i believe that the dialogue is enough for you, dear reader to understand.
we girls have that need to feel good about ourselves, cute clothings are our way ;)

current drawls:

midyear, this week ! ohhh i wish i was a geek !
IU Day, crap, tcher is already giving lectures that i'm not doing well in organizing this. hehehh
hoping that ya'all sulaimanians will support the coming IU cultural show !
piano piano ! haihhhhhhhh -_-
 oh oh !
tcher's day coming ! happy tchers day to all guruS !

side-orders :

ehh, almost forgot this issue.
i didnt realise this until a few days ago.
my begg, ;)

to them who understands or at least will,
it stands for Sayang Awak Rindu Awak
it's in some song and the word reached me.
it was sweet ( eh caeerrr kott  XD ) but now i believe that it is misunderstood.
and now i dun lyke it that much since it is brought to connections with -censored-
yes, i like to explain long and around the bushes or shrubs or whatever plants involved ;)

heyy dearies,
wish me luck to go through all the hell thats coming ! ;)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

nervous breakdown much ?

i nearly had a nervous breakdown !
okay, a lil exaggarating, but still !
i liver my effing phone - actually i dont liver the phone, i just liver having a phone. ;)
we were totally caught off guard. my brain was still buzzing with all the coss and sins and tans. hehehh. i didnt even hid the phone.
it was just somewhere in my small bag stuffed with my telekung, baju pj and tracks and sunblock and purse - and i mean abs stuffed.
soo, you can imagine how fast my heart was pounding when the green people at last rummaged through it.
and you cannot imagine the relief and surprise when they did not find it, even the earphones i did not meant to bring !
so i am now making an oath to NOT bring my phone to school anymore except when exceptions are essential ;D

note to reader : liver is hati. ;) thus, i liver you !  ---- something fatifahs came up with while we were in a crazy mood. back atcha ziema, i totally liver you !<33

Monday, May 3, 2010

alert alert !

warning bells are ringing !!
beware ! brace yourself !
ehh, what's with the hullabaloo??
oh right, ifa had gained more weight than she could imagine.
i am now going to diet !
yes ! diet is important !
im not gonna be like those people who eat like nothing, or force themselves to puke after they eat oh-so-tasty-food. im not a retard pfftttt!
i just realised - just ?? - that i have gained 3kgs from the last time i checked. hell ! i am obese !
that is too much kgs to my liking.
conclusion ; ifa diet okeyy !
if you see me stuffing my face into some kind of unhealthy food, stop me !
i love you for that ! ;)