Thursday, May 27, 2010

brainiac maniac

so exams are for testing you right?
and examiners are for murdering you?
and exam papers are for tearing?

i wish that was the case. it sounds somewhat more.. em, close to the truth?
1 week of exams already down.
if you ask me how was it, my already burnt face would turn darker and i would purse my lips and my eyes would burn fire. okay, exaggerating, but still.
how in the world can pieces of papers make you feel like an effing idiot?
lets reminisce,

Akaun - i am so dead. x(
PAI - hoping to get at least A-
BM - erk? well, i've never been great in this.
EL - i wrote 2 papers worth of crap.
Sejarah - shooting range
Physics 1&2- i felt like throwing up answering these.
Add Maths - i'm already bracing myself for the lectures to come. -_-"
Another week to go. It will be lighter than this week, but there is no confirmation that it will be easier.
Chem, Akaun1, Phy3,EST.
I am sooo not ready for you,
but what can lil old me do.
My midyear exams are soo gonna cost me.
refering to word 'HELLO'
Rachel Berry : " I'm sorry Mr. Schue, I was concentrating on the first syllable."


  1. rachel berry ; ' when you see my face imma gives you hell imma gives you hell ' ! ;)