Friday, May 14, 2010

hey, soul sister !

aint that mister mister on the radio, stereo, the way you move aint fair you know~

ehh i syokk, hahahh ;)

ohh, purpose of this post !
a scene from castle when he and his mother were helping his daughter to find the perfect prom dress ! - sometimes i wish schools here have proms, minus the date stuff though ;)
ps : i dont remember their exact script, so forgive moi XD

castle : all the dresses look the same. what does it matter?
mother : now that's where you're wrong. see, women always think they have some flaws, thighs too fat, limbs too skinny, face too pale. so we make ourselves find the perfect clothes to cover up these flaws. then, we could feel beautiful.
castle : huh, i still remember the time when a pink tutu and a plastic tiara was enough for her to feel beautiful.
mother : well, we spend our whole lives to feel like that again.

i believe that the dialogue is enough for you, dear reader to understand.
we girls have that need to feel good about ourselves, cute clothings are our way ;)

current drawls:

midyear, this week ! ohhh i wish i was a geek !
IU Day, crap, tcher is already giving lectures that i'm not doing well in organizing this. hehehh
hoping that ya'all sulaimanians will support the coming IU cultural show !
piano piano ! haihhhhhhhh -_-
 oh oh !
tcher's day coming ! happy tchers day to all guruS !

side-orders :

ehh, almost forgot this issue.
i didnt realise this until a few days ago.
my begg, ;)

to them who understands or at least will,
it stands for Sayang Awak Rindu Awak
it's in some song and the word reached me.
it was sweet ( eh caeerrr kott  XD ) but now i believe that it is misunderstood.
and now i dun lyke it that much since it is brought to connections with -censored-
yes, i like to explain long and around the bushes or shrubs or whatever plants involved ;)

heyy dearies,
wish me luck to go through all the hell thats coming ! ;)

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