Friday, April 30, 2010

runaway brides:)

it was supposed to be chemy class.
but mase msuk kelas ngn tirah, the mod math tcher slowly masok lam class too.
erk ?
cheahh yanie natiq sampai, ikot diorg nk cabut lari ;D
cekgu pandang pelik jepp -_-"
i'm not bad, nakkal jep. heheh,
plus, mod math tcher tuh dun like geng2 nehh. hehehh * alasan !
diorg2 pon call kwn diorg suh pick up.
mne ade ramai. 7 org jepp yg skipping2 neh. 5e2 4 org, 5e3 3 org. ;)
we waited at some kampong house for an hour or so.
and when our ride came, himpit2 nk masok lam kete myvi tuhh. hahaaa. muat la !
yeahh i duk atas riba madiee, soryy madiee sygg, i berat, i taw x) tp skejap jew kann ^^
we dropped fatin off at her house.
oh and sorg g blek tusyen.
at first plan nk hang out ngn diorg skali,
tapii, kpale ku trase berdenyut2. mate pon beratt..
eheh, balek tdo sat. 
woke up, hadap laptop ahh. sampai skg ;D

hehehh, i love these moments < 3

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

to do list :)

i just thought that it would be a good idea to list down things i need to keep straight.

Top on the list !
exams !!
i have got to put up my game. i mean seriously ?? still fooling around as if the big SPM aint looming above my head?

Grade 7 exam !!
the date is getting wayyy closer.
and i havent even perfected my scales. my pieces still sound like someone crying. -_-"

ehh ! control ! less online, less texting, less daydreaming, less sleeping.
oh oh !
less eating ! i am like totally obese now !

Anything else ?
wish me luck in keeping to my road !
sidetracks are almost too tempting you know.

So here's a lil whatnot.

Do you think people can actually be really cruel?
It could very well be true but there's always a part of you that would say, nawhh, they have some good somewhere in there.
I recently learned that people are cruel when they want to feel that sense of control. People always want things to got their way in the end.
We are now in an era where self-ishness is really a must to survive.
However, is a lil compassion that difficult? is kindness and a care for others' feelings a struggle to give?
So yes,
people can be cruel.
They just think they are always right. 

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

weyhh ape neh ape neh ?!

weyhh seriously !
ko pehal dowhh ?!
deranged kowt, ke mmg syok sndri?
ble mase aku ade pape ngn ko?!
tak hingin akuh !!

away with you !

moron, silly, stupid person !

amek kau, many2 exclamation marks in one post. !!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

that's when i, i, i look at you..

eh eh eh ! i'm soo into that song now !
why? lyrics dye sweeeeettt dowhhh !
sh!t angau dah ifa. ;)
nk dedicate kat awk leyh x leyh x? hahaa, saje jep. x mkne pape ponn. saje aje.
eh how many times i have to says saje je??
hee~ screw that.

smlm ifa bengang. small matter jep. but i get pissed easily nowadays.
what to do~ SPMer kannn ;D
what annoyed me?
org salah timing nk cari pasal ngn ifa neh.
kan ifa dah sembur. XD

so hari ne~
anything interesting?
takde ponn. biase jepp.
basoh khemah time bm.
oral bi bdak laki lawakk. congratz ! mrk amat talented with the hard work they put in. ;)
evening ade this kursus care nk input data.
believe me, i learnt like nil about it.
when the guy talked, my mind was waayyy over in Wonderland and later, of coz, with a pencil, rubber and paper in front of me, conteng2 ahh ;)

haaa, yg happening nye is,
-drum rolls-
we totally went for a ride in aina nadiah's car !
she drove duhhh, ade license P kann! bapak excited dowhh ktorg !

fatifah !!
cepat la dapat license hang tuhh ! ily superAzie! :D

Sunday, April 18, 2010

we mix it up, no answer.

camping perdana officially ended yesterday !
and with happy hearts we went home. ceyhh konon.
happy heart sbb nk balik. :D

it was a great experience i guess.
plus brsame2 diorg2 band yg amatt best. mmg asyik ade bnde lawak jepp mse borak2. =]

our campsite was by the sea. when we first got there, i was like, waaa, bestnye air !
rse cam nk terjun tros.mwahaha~
tp moral down sket ahh mse bhgi2 kwsn tuh ktorg dpt tmpt yg x bez mne. kuang3
performance ktorg agak serabot tp gempakk la jugakk. x)
tp x menangg :( bg kat org berchentaa la pulakk. hahahh, ceyh, kes sour grapes ;)
2nd night laa the worst part of the camp. HUJANN! lebat pulak tuhh !
air masok khemahh bout 2 am. we were this group of soaked and totally tired+grumpy people.
at last, we slept kat pondok makan cekgu2. atas krusi pulak tu. lengoh laa satu badan.
ade la kayak + swimming, partner kayak - kelid :)
next day, balek laa. takde bnde dahh.
did i mention that i was bitten by semut api or semut gatal or wateva other names the bloody ants have.smpi skg bengkak. saket dowhh x(
so camping ended

this morning ade show for swimathon marang.
ohh my eyes ! hahaa, dosa2. XD

ohh last evening, i didnt know where i lost my head.
but i did, and tetbe ade courage, ceyhh, ne mcm influenced by truth box mse tepi pantai tuh. hahaa..
but before that, segan yg berlimpah2 ahh. it was an awkward yet memorable thing for me.
so i said what was on my mind and in my freaking heart. -oh jiwangg crap! :)

what's left is time, and that's for the words exchanged between you and i. x)

next event :
focus darl~

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ooo shocker.

ehh x shocking ponn.
terkezut sikeettt jepp.
haa, tomorrow~
i'll be off to god-knows-where hutann kat merang or smtg.
dhla keadaan tdk mengizinkan,
tula, gedik sgt nk pegy!
hahaa, tkpe2. experience..
ye ahh, if things were different, leyh KOT g  cmpg mse form4.
tp kann, thinking back,
i am happy with my life here even with all the bittersweet memories.
tp ifa sedeyhh. igt balek last year yg happening.
this year, one by one problems dtg mnjenguk otak. x tahan raser.
i thought i was stronger, tp naek darah one second, another second nanges.
weyhh budu la ifa!
i'd like to take the opportunity to thank najaa for lending me her shoulder for a second, and aziema who tried to come and see if i was still being pathetic. hihiii~ lpas nanges tu baru rse lapang dada taww. hehehh
tkpelaa, forget ifa forget !
focus focus! you know your direction eventhough it's a little hazy.

okeyy, it's time to face total nature !
doakan keselamatan kami semua :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

are you aware of this?

oh exam's are all connering me.
damn damn damn.
how did all those geniuses study??

i have to stop relaxing and start stressing - and only on studies, nothing else.
serious, stressing on other kinds of drama set up from all those oh-so-dramatic people are a total waste of time and just a total pain duh.
and stop hoping with your heart, you know how it hurts when all is lost.
x gune laa ko saket hati ifa. let it go. you have a life.
and stop cursing ! jage mulut wuu!!
and those another-5-minutes-lah have got to stop !

another thing,
weyhh! mentang2 takde miss lim,
piano exam dalam 3 bulan lagik,
pieces hancur lagi??
nak kne ade cekgu baling buku and tengking kat hang cam miss lim tuh ke??
serious sh!t !!
scales pon like hell so weakk ! konon nak at least merit, sheeshh!

i would like to comment a little,
hari tu kat durian burong ade like a thousand idiots on bikes.
they totally block the road as if they own it, jam laa sebatuu kat ctu.
diorg racing lepas 4 org skali, pstu another line.
apelaa diorg dpt..
pmpuan? lepas ko kalah org laen lak dpt.
duit? ko habeskn kat minyak yg ko gune td gakk. minyak mahalla skg weyhh!
siyes, mcm a whole riding skool tga racing. takot wuu!
mslhnye, motor yg biase2 tuh jep.
klu motor harley davidson baru kagumm. -i likee--
 polis pulak, tak tahu ekh ade bnde gni.
come to think of it, ifa pon tktaw.
igt kat batu burok tuh terok. ishk3, katak bawah baldi tolla hang ifa. ;)

ehh, i just wasted more time.
essay est tak siap lagikk!!
later tuanpuan. muahxx!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

an evening out.

sampai pon hajat ifa nk g pantai pandak yg tdk diketahui di mane until gy ngn cheahh + ain teah hari nehhh

besh !
wlupon tak bwt pape slaen snapshots yg byk3 + playing mum for 3 org budak laki - mirol skanda fareh (hahaa, cheahh wrote their names like this !)
tp bez laaa
and then mai turned up, lgi la syokk
sesi brgmbar tdk habess

kami bwk food, tp mne ade makann smue ! hahaha
ain brought her oh-so-lovely blue guitar !
ifa neh mmg la minat guitar wrne biru lawa gtu,,
sdap memegang !
kami pon mndgr ain menghiburkan hati,, - only exception, terrified dan lagi3.

of coz ade org laen kat pantai tuh.
yg pelik bin ajaibnye, ade this group of people yg duk kat atas tuh pandanngg jepp kat geng2 nehh. weeiirrddd. mcm tkde tmpt len nk tgk.

by 6.40 something, kami pon pulang ke rumah cheahh nawawi. :)
pics can be found in FB by me, cheahh and mai <3

events update !
this morning i wrote down my name for band camping koko week.
ifa? camping?
xpe, dlm skola jepp
seronok + excited pulakk
jgn org tipu jee sudah

haa, hari ne superAzie dan yg len2 smue pndh balik skola SS.
rinduu! jupe on saturdayy!

i am also currently the only one taking est in my class.
bosan tuh bosan laa.
tp lg baek aku sorg dri 2org ngn dye.
knpe sy jht dan kasar?
sbb, emm, ntah. saje je kowtt.

ehh, muhasabah diri,
dahla tu gune watak jahat, jgn kutuk2 org dh. nk exam.
jgn gado2. klu dh gado tuh, biar je laa ork ?

hehehh :)

ps: i'm wishing you a speedy recovery. smoge cpat dpt dilepaskan dri dikurung ye pakcikk. syg anda ;)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

and i'm terrified.

it is a dull class.
we are missing them all so very much,,

oh superAzie,,
while you are wayyyy over there,
i am here, fattening myself. hahah!
hari ne, 1st time skli time hari skola biase ifa makan nasi kat kantin !
wuuu! rase pelik & syok.
mekasehh superWomen - cheahh, natiq, yanie and the gang utk experience ini.
nnt2 nk tarik azie try skali. hehehe~

eventhough it is dull,
nyaman jugak la udara krn kekurangan pencemaran persekitaraan.
if the whole week stays like this, i am a happy person :D
i am -slowly- turning evil.
cant be help, told you i'd fight fire with fire. x)

i am now in love with two songs.
songs i'm addicted to arent always new ones, so bear with it. hehehh
terrified, katherine mcphee
you got me, colbie caillat

i think it's probably the songs are what suits my life at the moment. :)
back to the books + homework !

Sunday, April 4, 2010

you are deranged.

i dont like talking shit bout people openly.
i think it's cruel and that would make me a bad person right?
kau kate aku neh jahat kan?
meh aku tunjuk aku jahat skali.

i think you are like totally deranged.
go see  a therapist or a psychiatrist. would do you some good, dgn problem kau yg kononnye masalah dunia plg besar.
you morons deserve each other.
i just cant believe that last time, you were actually on my list of favourite person.
i guess i was nutz back then huh.

did you know that i actually had thought of planning a decent thing for today.
but, tgklah.
hancur taw hati. hancur sesgt. pstu ble dye hancur, dye saket.
ble dye saket, dye jdik sensitif, pstu dye jdik keras.

lets fight fire with fire.
so padanla dgn muke kau tuh kene tengking ngn superwoman aku skali hari neh.
be thankful that there was no blood bath.
just a lot of death stares.
open your pitiful mind and blind eyes to see what you did.
if you still think that we were the reason to all this, well, open wider baka!

call us as many names as you want now.
coz we already did.
get lost la kau.
you'll be doing everyone a favor.

ini adalah sesi melepaskan geram.
jika yg ditujui terasa dan saket hati sptmane hambe saket hati,
bagos. give yourself a damn well-earned clap.
you can now bloody hell leave us alone.

Friday, April 2, 2010

this is for the people who just lost somebody.

ne ifa reply balik ke azie cket.
aziema !
shaye akan amat merindui kamu start kamu kuar kelas esok smpi laa jupe lgik hari ahad next week.
skrg kamu mesti sdg cbok ngn hal undang2 jln nehh..
hihi, insyaAllah shaye akan menguatkan semangat, dan bersabarrrrr~
cpat balik ekhhhh, blaja molek di sana. luvya selalu merahputeh !:)

ade lagi2 mrk yg pegy mengikut superAzie shaye nehh, akan merindui ya all jugakk !

this one pulakk..
utk anda,
walau ape pon yg brlaku kan kan kan,
anda ttp diingati.
walau perit, yg manis tuh ade lagik.
conclusion ; anger tires me. now, the pain is slowly receding. i'm on my side though, but i still remember you :(
i'm just waiting for the next moment to come, i aint betraying anyone, but i'm all for the past, coz you see, i have trouble letting go.

yg neh actually xde kaitan pon ngn tajok2 di atas.
baru nk bajet nk jelez2, rupa2nya, tipah tertipu! (tdk menuju pd tipahh sy!)
nk try skli,
S.A.R.A. !!

ngeh, not my style. oh well. hahaha ! taa dearest~