Tuesday, April 20, 2010

that's when i, i, i look at you..

eh eh eh ! i'm soo into that song now !
why? lyrics dye sweeeeettt dowhhh !
sh!t angau dah ifa. ;)
nk dedicate kat awk leyh x leyh x? hahaa, saje jep. x mkne pape ponn. saje aje.
eh how many times i have to says saje je??
hee~ screw that.

smlm ifa bengang. small matter jep. but i get pissed easily nowadays.
what to do~ SPMer kannn ;D
what annoyed me?
org salah timing nk cari pasal ngn ifa neh.
kan ifa dah sembur. XD

so hari ne~
anything interesting?
takde ponn. biase jepp.
basoh khemah time bm.
oral bi bdak laki lawakk. congratz ! mrk amat talented with the hard work they put in. ;)
evening ade this kursus care nk input data.
believe me, i learnt like nil about it.
when the guy talked, my mind was waayyy over in Wonderland and later, of coz, with a pencil, rubber and paper in front of me, conteng2 ahh ;)

haaa, yg happening nye is,
-drum rolls-
we totally went for a ride in aina nadiah's car !
she drove duhhh, ade license P kann! bapak excited dowhh ktorg !

fatifah !!
cepat la dapat license hang tuhh ! ily superAzie! :D