Sunday, April 4, 2010

you are deranged.

i dont like talking shit bout people openly.
i think it's cruel and that would make me a bad person right?
kau kate aku neh jahat kan?
meh aku tunjuk aku jahat skali.

i think you are like totally deranged.
go see  a therapist or a psychiatrist. would do you some good, dgn problem kau yg kononnye masalah dunia plg besar.
you morons deserve each other.
i just cant believe that last time, you were actually on my list of favourite person.
i guess i was nutz back then huh.

did you know that i actually had thought of planning a decent thing for today.
but, tgklah.
hancur taw hati. hancur sesgt. pstu ble dye hancur, dye saket.
ble dye saket, dye jdik sensitif, pstu dye jdik keras.

lets fight fire with fire.
so padanla dgn muke kau tuh kene tengking ngn superwoman aku skali hari neh.
be thankful that there was no blood bath.
just a lot of death stares.
open your pitiful mind and blind eyes to see what you did.
if you still think that we were the reason to all this, well, open wider baka!

call us as many names as you want now.
coz we already did.
get lost la kau.
you'll be doing everyone a favor.

ini adalah sesi melepaskan geram.
jika yg ditujui terasa dan saket hati sptmane hambe saket hati,
bagos. give yourself a damn well-earned clap.
you can now bloody hell leave us alone.