Tuesday, April 6, 2010

and i'm terrified.

it is a dull class.
we are missing them all so very much,,

oh superAzie,,
while you are wayyyy over there,
i am here, fattening myself. hahah!
hari ne, 1st time skli time hari skola biase ifa makan nasi kat kantin !
wuuu! rase pelik & syok.
mekasehh superWomen - cheahh, natiq, yanie and the gang utk experience ini.
nnt2 nk tarik azie try skali. hehehe~

eventhough it is dull,
nyaman jugak la udara krn kekurangan pencemaran persekitaraan.
if the whole week stays like this, i am a happy person :D
i am -slowly- turning evil.
cant be help, told you i'd fight fire with fire. x)

i am now in love with two songs.
songs i'm addicted to arent always new ones, so bear with it. hehehh
terrified, katherine mcphee
you got me, colbie caillat

i think it's probably the songs are what suits my life at the moment. :)
back to the books + homework !


  1. nk tarik azie mkn nasi kt kantin ?
    oh no !
    tak kn oke. ;p

  2. KENE JUGAKK! sy akan meminta bantuan drpd barisan superWomen ! XD