Wednesday, April 28, 2010

to do list :)

i just thought that it would be a good idea to list down things i need to keep straight.

Top on the list !
exams !!
i have got to put up my game. i mean seriously ?? still fooling around as if the big SPM aint looming above my head?

Grade 7 exam !!
the date is getting wayyy closer.
and i havent even perfected my scales. my pieces still sound like someone crying. -_-"

ehh ! control ! less online, less texting, less daydreaming, less sleeping.
oh oh !
less eating ! i am like totally obese now !

Anything else ?
wish me luck in keeping to my road !
sidetracks are almost too tempting you know.

So here's a lil whatnot.

Do you think people can actually be really cruel?
It could very well be true but there's always a part of you that would say, nawhh, they have some good somewhere in there.
I recently learned that people are cruel when they want to feel that sense of control. People always want things to got their way in the end.
We are now in an era where self-ishness is really a must to survive.
However, is a lil compassion that difficult? is kindness and a care for others' feelings a struggle to give?
So yes,
people can be cruel.
They just think they are always right. 

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