Sunday, April 18, 2010

we mix it up, no answer.

camping perdana officially ended yesterday !
and with happy hearts we went home. ceyhh konon.
happy heart sbb nk balik. :D

it was a great experience i guess.
plus brsame2 diorg2 band yg amatt best. mmg asyik ade bnde lawak jepp mse borak2. =]

our campsite was by the sea. when we first got there, i was like, waaa, bestnye air !
rse cam nk terjun tros.mwahaha~
tp moral down sket ahh mse bhgi2 kwsn tuh ktorg dpt tmpt yg x bez mne. kuang3
performance ktorg agak serabot tp gempakk la jugakk. x)
tp x menangg :( bg kat org berchentaa la pulakk. hahahh, ceyh, kes sour grapes ;)
2nd night laa the worst part of the camp. HUJANN! lebat pulak tuhh !
air masok khemahh bout 2 am. we were this group of soaked and totally tired+grumpy people.
at last, we slept kat pondok makan cekgu2. atas krusi pulak tu. lengoh laa satu badan.
ade la kayak + swimming, partner kayak - kelid :)
next day, balek laa. takde bnde dahh.
did i mention that i was bitten by semut api or semut gatal or wateva other names the bloody ants have.smpi skg bengkak. saket dowhh x(
so camping ended

this morning ade show for swimathon marang.
ohh my eyes ! hahaa, dosa2. XD

ohh last evening, i didnt know where i lost my head.
but i did, and tetbe ade courage, ceyhh, ne mcm influenced by truth box mse tepi pantai tuh. hahaa..
but before that, segan yg berlimpah2 ahh. it was an awkward yet memorable thing for me.
so i said what was on my mind and in my freaking heart. -oh jiwangg crap! :)

what's left is time, and that's for the words exchanged between you and i. x)

next event :
focus darl~

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