Saturday, April 10, 2010

are you aware of this?

oh exam's are all connering me.
damn damn damn.
how did all those geniuses study??

i have to stop relaxing and start stressing - and only on studies, nothing else.
serious, stressing on other kinds of drama set up from all those oh-so-dramatic people are a total waste of time and just a total pain duh.
and stop hoping with your heart, you know how it hurts when all is lost.
x gune laa ko saket hati ifa. let it go. you have a life.
and stop cursing ! jage mulut wuu!!
and those another-5-minutes-lah have got to stop !

another thing,
weyhh! mentang2 takde miss lim,
piano exam dalam 3 bulan lagik,
pieces hancur lagi??
nak kne ade cekgu baling buku and tengking kat hang cam miss lim tuh ke??
serious sh!t !!
scales pon like hell so weakk ! konon nak at least merit, sheeshh!

i would like to comment a little,
hari tu kat durian burong ade like a thousand idiots on bikes.
they totally block the road as if they own it, jam laa sebatuu kat ctu.
diorg racing lepas 4 org skali, pstu another line.
apelaa diorg dpt..
pmpuan? lepas ko kalah org laen lak dpt.
duit? ko habeskn kat minyak yg ko gune td gakk. minyak mahalla skg weyhh!
siyes, mcm a whole riding skool tga racing. takot wuu!
mslhnye, motor yg biase2 tuh jep.
klu motor harley davidson baru kagumm. -i likee--
 polis pulak, tak tahu ekh ade bnde gni.
come to think of it, ifa pon tktaw.
igt kat batu burok tuh terok. ishk3, katak bawah baldi tolla hang ifa. ;)

ehh, i just wasted more time.
essay est tak siap lagikk!!
later tuanpuan. muahxx!

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