Wednesday, September 29, 2010

seventeen and going legal.

just now having no extra class, i went back early.
i had to follow my mom to my dad's aunt's jamuan raya + majlis kesyukuran.
while i was there, my mom talked with with two women, i stood by, not really listening until one of the women addressed me.

ibu ; haa yg neh yg nak exam neh.

makcik ; ohh, UPSR ke dik?

me ; eh taklaa, SPM.

makcik ; oohhh. blaja sungguh ehh.

me ; (senyum tak ikhlas)

ookaayyy . firstly, UPSR is OVER, and i'm not that short. ;(
adeyhh, makcik, naseb than sabar, tak tunjuk nmpk touchy2 hehehe

sedeyhnyee, saya nmpk mcm kanak2 ribena lagi T.T

Sunday, September 26, 2010

to build up walls again.

It is time to forget you.
I am tired of thinking of you,
For I only end up crying.
I don't want to miss you,
For I will feel utterly alone.
I have given up on deciding,
For I kept feeling distracted.

Like I said, it is time to forget you,
And you to forget me.
Distance kills as well as silence and unsaid words.
I'm just tired of caring for you but not knowing if it's the best for both of us.

- braced my self for the goodbye, cause that's all I've ever known.

Just so we're clear,
Ifa is very extremely superbly busy and gonna lay off onlining for now.
I'm sorry that my last post had to be this distressing,
apparently I just fill distressed right now.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Fine Frenzy

You must know of the groans when a load of papers are placed on your desks. those papers are giving me a total headache ! I feel like swooning over just by the sight of them. even as i typed these words i felt sick -- the images are scarred in my mind forever T.T

Anyways, due to the workload and the books, i have not touched the piano for about a week now which is pretty rare. even irra noticed it. she says it's shocking. hm, i think playing could actually cure this headache the papers are giving me ;D

To end,
Few verses from a song i like coz the piano part is lovely . :)

Almost Lover - A Fine Frenzy

So you're gone and i'm haunted
And i bet you are just fine
Did i make it that easy to walk
Right in and out of my life

Well i'd thought i never want to see you unhappy
I thought you'd want the same for me

Goodbye my almost lover
Goodbye my hopeless dream
I'm trying not to think about you
Why can't you just let me be

So long my luckless romance
My back is turned on you
Should've known you'd bring me heartache
Almost lovers always do

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

with the opening of school, us form fivers received our trial results.
dpat -- 2A-, 5A, 3B.

sdeyhh !

im such a freaking loser !

org laen dapat gempakk :(

i've gotta get my head down from the clouds, study ifa study ! ;)

kejadian2 menarik ;

tadi teacher rabaah bagi ktorg coklattt

PATCHI ! alaaa, lamee tak makannn :D
lame tk mntk abah beli,,

stickernyee saye sukeee,  nak lagiii sticker dyee :(

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tell me what you want to hear

Current ; School school !
It's time to really stuff my face into books T.T  - not looking forward to that, but very in need of it :)

people ! let's be kiasu together now !

emm ?

i dont get what my heart says about you.

i think my words are too flowery nowadays. i need to lay off all those classic novels, but screw that, jane eyre is my all time fave classic novel ;)
i'm still waiting for abah to get me jane austen's pride and prejudice original version ! i love how these classic authors write :)

title ; secrets - one republic

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cutie :)

Kad raye kad raye ! <3
Yeayy dapat kad raye gak this year, i missed times when i used to get more than 10 :) --mase kechik2 dulu aa. skg pakai taip semuee iyee ;D

Thanx abg asyraf!

Thanx Nor Syazwani sayanggg !! ;)

ala, rindunyee wanie :'(
azam after spm ; JUPE WANI !! <3

i am missing many people currently, weiirrdd :)

-- this particular sentence in the song love the way you lie had been repeating itself in my head for two days;
don't you hear sincerity in my voice when i talk

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Introducing Me.

 Ala, comelnyee lagu nehh,
im not so much a fan of camp rock, but these song is just soo sweet!
nick jonas singing with guitar ? ala, cairrrr :D

Introducing Me - Nick Jonas

I'm, I'm good at wasting time,
I think lyrics need to rhyme,
And you're not asking,
But I'm tryin' to grow a mustache.

I eat cheese,
But only on pizza, Please,
And sometimes on a homemade quesadilla,
Otherwise it smells like feet to me.

And I,
I really like it when the moon looks like a toenail,
And I love it when you say,
My na-e-a-e-ame.

If you wanna know,
Here it goes,
Gonna tell you theres,
A part of me for show,
If we're close gonna let you see,
But Remember that you asked for it.

I'm tryin' t'do my best to impress,
But it's easier to let you take a guess,
At the rest,
But you wanna hear what
Lives in my brain, My heart,
Well you asked for it.

For your Perusing,
At times Confusing,
Slightly Amusing,
Introducing Me.

Do Do, Do Do Do Do Do,
La Da Da Da, La Da Da Da Da Da Da Da

I never,
Trust a dog to watch my food,
And I like to use the word dude,
As a noun, Or an adverb
Or an adjective.

And I, I Never,
Really been into cars,
I like really cool guitars,
And Superheroes,
And checks with lots of zeros on 'em.

I love the sound of violins,
And makin' someone Smi-e-i-e-ile.


Well you probably know more than you ever wanted too,
So be careful when you ask next ti-e-i-e-ime.



Do Do, Do Do Do Do Do,
Introducing me...

Monday, September 13, 2010

Raye mode still !

common question raye - duet raye mne?
we live in a world where money is what everyone craves for, there's really nothing we can do about it.

raye funn kowtt, jupe cni sane, kazens of all ages jupe, kawan pon jupe skli ;)

haa, semalam dak2 5B oh dtg ke my humble home, - actly nk kuar tgk kazen men futsal, tp tkpela, demi kawan ahaha x)
sory arhh mkn pasta jee korg eyhh, mknn bez2 smue sdare mare dah abeskn that morning and the day before :)
but thanx for coming ! =]

now 4th raye, our days are numbered.
tomorrow kaijiey's going back to india, tuition start kelas esok.
it's time for the studying to take over.

to yg amek trials esok tuhh - GUDLUK! ;D
hey, have a fun rayee :) 

Thursday, September 9, 2010

hahah ! :)



so confirming tonight's raye, i'm psyched! :)

ibu asked me to wear the hot pink baju kurung tomorrow,
haiyaakkk sddenly wishing that's not the color of my bju hehehh
oh well,
tak sabar nk raye,
nak maen mercun! but abah tk kasi.
soooo, bunge api ajelaa :D

have a great raye :)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have no idea to give a name to this post. it's basically random thoughts.

anyways, i have physics homework - the rest ade bio hehehe bestnyee x amek ;D
and i've just finished only the paper 1. -- btw, did anyone realized this paper is way easier than our trials'? huh, unfair.
during the holidays i practically did not study much besides tuitions. heck, trials done, i'm acting like spm does not exist. heehee, but hey, i'm in the raye spirit !

speaking of raye, it's like, on friday, right? not tomorrow right? coz i'm like, confused here.. ["?]
huh, so we'll just wait for the person on tv.
or the bedil ! hey, i love hearing the bedil here. meriah puase.
but aziemaa kate, org yg urus hal2 bedil tuh kan, gaji dye like WOW. approximately sejuta.
nycee, jdik tukang bedil pon kaye ;D

the tailor JUST finished my baju raye :)
us girls love baju rayes, so forgive us and bear with us x)
so with the spirit of rayem i guess it's time to wish right?

selamat hari raya,
ampun maaf dipinta
no human is free of mistakes 

Sunday, September 5, 2010

That's enough for me :)

I had wanted to post these lyrics for some time now - since my sister first downloaded it somewhat 2 months ago, but it totally slipped my mind until today.
I was in my mom's shop doing all those 'hantaran's and flowers decoration yadayadayada,
and i heard the song twice during that time.
So of course, it's as if i fell in love with the song all over again ;)

enjoy --- but my word, this song is actually LONG ;D

oh and the slanted words + the chorus are my favourite parts :)

IF IT'S LOVE - Train 

While everybody else is getting out of bed
I'm usually getting in it, I'm not in it to win it
And there's a thousand ways you can skin it

My feet have been flat on the floor like an idle singer
Remember winger, I digress
 I confess you are the best thing in my life

But I'm afraid when I hear stories of a husband and wife
There's no happy endings, no Henry Lee
But you are the greatest thing about me

Chorus :
If it's love
And we decide that it's forever
No one else could do it better

If it's love
And we're two birds of a feather
Then the rest is just whenever

If I'm addicted to loving you
And you're addicted to my love too
We could be them two birds of a feather that flock together

Love, love
Got to have something that keeps us together
Love, love
That's enough for me

Took a loan on a house I own
Can't be a queen bee without a bee throne
I wanna buy you everything except cologne, cause it's poison

We can travel to Spain where the rain falls
Mainly on the plain side and sing
'Cause it is we can laugh we can sing
Have ten kids and give them everything

Hold our cellphones up in the air
And just be glad that we made it here alive
On a spinning ball in the middle of space
I love you from your toes to you face


You could move in, I won't ask where you've been
Cause everybody has a past
When we're older, we'll do it all over again

When everybody else is getting out of bed
I'm usually getting in it, I'm not in it to win it
I'm in it for you


Love, love
Got to have something to keep us together
Love, love
Got to have something to keep us together
Love, love
That's enough for me

In a way, it's for you

Saturday, September 4, 2010

oh heart, don't lie to me.

i dont know.
i've been asking myself since it started.
i can't answer myself.
the bits of me are all over the place.
i'm a mess.
my mind tells me tales.
my heart can't say the truth.
i believe i really care. that i do.

i smile when i think of you,
i grin at the memories,
i feel happy just by the sight of your name,
so what happened?

it hurts that this is happening.
time, heal me.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Give us a smile, love.

There's nothing like the feeling after your last paper in an exam.
I wonder what after SPM would feel like, but that's another story.
My last paper was EST 2 which of course i did with nausea filling my head - every question with a paragraph? somebody knock me unconscious already!!
I handed the paper in 25 minutes early, i couldnt stand the torture. ngeehee~

I thought of talking about the agony each paper during my trials gave me, but i'm too thrilled at this newly felt freedom to care of remembering. ;)

so let's talk about RAYE!
i cant wait! - even with the annoying fact that the tailor my mom found had again, not finish sewing my baju raye. thank god for the ready-made pink one my mom got me earlier. -- this would be the first time i have a ready-made baju kurung, all previous are tailored. awesome, this is progress in an odd sense ;D

i'm actually not sure why i'm all thrilled for raye, there's never been anything special actually.
it's not like back then when the relatives on my mum's side would gather together.
it's heartbreaking when families fight. you drag the young ones into it too.
so basically i'm looking forward to the nothing-special-raye after all.
but screw that, i love celebrations ;)

tomorrow ; Majlis - cheyy3 - Berbuka Puase 5 Bestari '10 di Sumai. hahahh, made up my mind. i'm going ;)