Sunday, September 26, 2010

to build up walls again.

It is time to forget you.
I am tired of thinking of you,
For I only end up crying.
I don't want to miss you,
For I will feel utterly alone.
I have given up on deciding,
For I kept feeling distracted.

Like I said, it is time to forget you,
And you to forget me.
Distance kills as well as silence and unsaid words.
I'm just tired of caring for you but not knowing if it's the best for both of us.

- braced my self for the goodbye, cause that's all I've ever known.

Just so we're clear,
Ifa is very extremely superbly busy and gonna lay off onlining for now.
I'm sorry that my last post had to be this distressing,
apparently I just fill distressed right now.

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