Monday, September 13, 2010

Raye mode still !

common question raye - duet raye mne?
we live in a world where money is what everyone craves for, there's really nothing we can do about it.

raye funn kowtt, jupe cni sane, kazens of all ages jupe, kawan pon jupe skli ;)

haa, semalam dak2 5B oh dtg ke my humble home, - actly nk kuar tgk kazen men futsal, tp tkpela, demi kawan ahaha x)
sory arhh mkn pasta jee korg eyhh, mknn bez2 smue sdare mare dah abeskn that morning and the day before :)
but thanx for coming ! =]

now 4th raye, our days are numbered.
tomorrow kaijiey's going back to india, tuition start kelas esok.
it's time for the studying to take over.

to yg amek trials esok tuhh - GUDLUK! ;D
hey, have a fun rayee :) 

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