Thursday, September 2, 2010

Give us a smile, love.

There's nothing like the feeling after your last paper in an exam.
I wonder what after SPM would feel like, but that's another story.
My last paper was EST 2 which of course i did with nausea filling my head - every question with a paragraph? somebody knock me unconscious already!!
I handed the paper in 25 minutes early, i couldnt stand the torture. ngeehee~

I thought of talking about the agony each paper during my trials gave me, but i'm too thrilled at this newly felt freedom to care of remembering. ;)

so let's talk about RAYE!
i cant wait! - even with the annoying fact that the tailor my mom found had again, not finish sewing my baju raye. thank god for the ready-made pink one my mom got me earlier. -- this would be the first time i have a ready-made baju kurung, all previous are tailored. awesome, this is progress in an odd sense ;D

i'm actually not sure why i'm all thrilled for raye, there's never been anything special actually.
it's not like back then when the relatives on my mum's side would gather together.
it's heartbreaking when families fight. you drag the young ones into it too.
so basically i'm looking forward to the nothing-special-raye after all.
but screw that, i love celebrations ;)

tomorrow ; Majlis - cheyy3 - Berbuka Puase 5 Bestari '10 di Sumai. hahahh, made up my mind. i'm going ;)

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