Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I have no idea to give a name to this post. it's basically random thoughts.

anyways, i have physics homework - the rest ade bio hehehe bestnyee x amek ;D
and i've just finished only the paper 1. -- btw, did anyone realized this paper is way easier than our trials'? huh, unfair.
during the holidays i practically did not study much besides tuitions. heck, trials done, i'm acting like spm does not exist. heehee, but hey, i'm in the raye spirit !

speaking of raye, it's like, on friday, right? not tomorrow right? coz i'm like, confused here.. ["?]
huh, so we'll just wait for the person on tv.
or the bedil ! hey, i love hearing the bedil here. meriah puase.
but aziemaa kate, org yg urus hal2 bedil tuh kan, gaji dye like WOW. approximately sejuta.
nycee, jdik tukang bedil pon kaye ;D

the tailor JUST finished my baju raye :)
us girls love baju rayes, so forgive us and bear with us x)
so with the spirit of rayem i guess it's time to wish right?

selamat hari raya,
ampun maaf dipinta
no human is free of mistakes 

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