Saturday, February 27, 2010

tepuk amai-amai, belalang, kupu-kupu!

today was a fairytale..

actually, not even close.
today we just went to the old folks' home kat bukit payongg~ shopped with them at mydin wuu~
there's really not much to tell, but still, a priceless memory. =]
note : today was my 4th time in Mydin! :D

the sad part of the day would be the time where right after we came back from rumah sejahtera - the old folks' home's name bytheway, - i, had to rush to my accounts tuition at 3 o'clock. taw tak, PENAT GLER!
when the teacher was not looking, i actually managed to sleep for..em.. 20 seconds? hehehh
after tuition was a whole hour looking at of course, the source of our mind destruction, TV. ;)
and night fell, and i started on the PAI's presentation.

speaking of PAI's presentation,
i remembered when the first time we started on Ibadat's chap - PERKAHWINAN.
Ustazah Fatimah Musa actually asked about the kind of husband. us girls wanted.
i was unlucky enough to be questioned by her. so i spoke whatever came to my mind, which was ;

Lagi tue
Berpendidikan tinggi

and last

Rambut Curly2 aka Kerinting

okayy, i dont have anything against guys with non-curly hairstyles. really. i just happened to still be in love with BOF's character Gu Jun Pyo at that time. he has curly hair!! and teramatt hensem!
skg x la gile cm dulu dahh..hehehh
oh and mse tuh criusly langsung tade idea nak ckp ape lagik. ahaha, abes dak2 5B neh ketawa. hui3
this week SMK Sultan Sulaiman has sports day.
and Brass Band will be performing.
More sun, haiyaakkk~
i am currently loving the band, mereka2 amat beshh.
but somehow, a power is not wanting me to join band. problems rise one after another.
i'll just toughen up and brace for the impact.
all right, back to sports,
somehow, my name ended up in the Paduka's Athletes yg Dipaksa List.
However, I have no freaking idea what event i am taking part in.
Well, this sucks.

I have now blabbed more than i aimed for.

pictures of Interactors during Old Folks' Home Visit will soon be uploaded in FB.
that is, if i have the time.
luv, si kuneng 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i am tired of drama

school ohh school~
i am now in a not-so-nice mood and wanna ditch some of my thoughts.
yes, it is nice to be in school and hang with my friends.
no it is not fun to be in school so much.
yes, it is cool to have more laughter.
no, it is soo damn not cool to feel tension.
i mean, seriously, kat rumah pon tension,
kat sekolah pon tension,
hoyy! mnelaa aku nk ade tempat aman weyh?!

i am bloody tired of drama.
as if life is not complicated enough??

mule2, you.
ok, fine, salah aku kan?
how can i tell anyone anything if i dont know what to say?

now you.
kau kan, aku dh cakap dulu,, 
dont hope anything more from me.
dulu kau jugak yg ckp xnk contact dh ngn aku, ckp sedih konon,patah hati konon.
i am sooo sick of all those things you say taww
it's because i meant it when i say friends only.
why the bloody hell do you play dumb?

and you.
i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry.
i just dont have the courage.
i'm sorry i always run away from whatever i know have the potential to screw things up.
i want things as they usually are or used to be.

sometimes it's better that way.

if this post in any way offends you, i apologize.
i just needed a time out.
i still care you know.
unless of course, you have absolutely nothing to do with this post.
jgn bajett. 
luv, ifa 

Friday, February 19, 2010

reality check

i am not psyched that today has come.
it just means that school is opening.
yes i am happy that i'll be hanging out with mereka2 again, but still, all the headaches in class is nooo fun. gler3 malas nak bangun awal and stare bleary eyed at cekgu2 lagikk.
these, are the after-effects of holidays. hahakk~

at my porch now, there are two hideous looking but still in good shape bikes.

note : i sprayed one hideously in silver, and the other was sprayed black by kaijey. and believe me, i have no sense of straight lines. besides, spray silver tu abes tetbe!

we are now wanting to go cycling to the beach.
just now my neighbours dtg and slh sorg aunty tuh, aunty pat, told me,
"smlm aunty nmpk u naek basikal round2 kat halaman."
i pon tersipu2 malu. haiyaakk,, awat aunty sorg neh suke sgt skodeng ktorg ahh?
now why would i be embarassed? sebab kann,
semalam tengah mood malas and gile.
i cycled wearing only my sleeveless tee.ooppss. (with long pants laa. aku tkdela sexy abes2n!)

i've realised that i have now come close to the danger of hoping.
yeah yeah, hope is good. but it damn well hurt when it all comes crushing down.
i now keep reminding myself to not stray off my path, keep my head and mind clear.
i mean, seriously, i must focus on what's important.
dont get me wrong, you are important in a way.
but there's a problem. it's called life. and in life, not everything will still be there for me to hold on to till the end.

so this is my reality check, i have to start focusing. 
sidetracks are risky eventhough they are fun.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

14th and 15th Feb 2010

two dates that mean so very very much to me.
i spent both days with most of the dearest of all my dearest friends.
i had a lot of fun, and if i had the chance, would go through it all again. ;)

14th Feb

we started the day with 2 hours of addmaths at school, you might think, "what a bummer, class during hols?"
actually, it was quite the contrary. addmath class was fun in a way. we, of course, have mr. macho cikgu ghazali teaching us. on top of that, (cheyhh!) we exchanged some VERY interesting gossips. ngehehehh. sshhh. x)
next, we hitched with anis and her dad to Giant-Mydin-TTC-Mcd. (tenx anis and pak hisham!^^)

firstly, to giant. and then, lunch at mcd. we were..umm...quite untidy. it really couldnt be help.
tgklah tgklahh,, mcd time for merfazi. (we were wishing our dear nie was here taww!)

huuu...nmpk sgt makan HANYAR!

neh untuk viewers 18 and above only. akaka

hahahh.. lepas makann, merkachak and superAzie gave me tour kat mydin, we went to Terengganu Trade Centre (TTC). ade la pameran pelamin which my mum joined. pics exclusively there, you may see at atifa azima's blog (storymoryazie.blogspot)
after another round at giant and some ice-cream at McD(well for them actually. i have a stomach to watch! mwahaha!), pak rossid picked us up and us trio lepakk in my humble crib. ahahh

later we headed to qurata resort.
info on qurata resort : alaa,, resort yg tepi sungai tuhh, dkt2 masjid terapung tuhh, tepi jambatan tuhh. ahahh got the picture? :)

my old buddies,, from KYS that is happened to be in townnn~ wuu,, i missed them a lot taw takk!! well, unfortunately, not all my friends came. only the CCs aka College Comittee (a fancy word for pengawas, but i likeee ;D)
we watched them kayakk~~ and wished we could join, if it had been a different day. hee~
i met cikgu omar and cikgu RZ and abg nadzri too. they've changed a bit, but unfortunately, in their eyes, i havent. still ifa yg kechik + ketot. haiyaakkk.....
reunion was sweettt..^^
yunie invited us to the bbq that night. so we went.. ( force was needed to  bring meruhe and aziema alongg.ngehehe) had a great time, tp kwn2ku due org neh dh penatt time kol 11 tuhh.. ciann diowg. knela dengar jugakk budak2 yg syok sndri ber karaoke. hahahh
tp adela sorg ne stand out to me.. lagu tanpa woaaa hehehh. tenx taww ;)

ifa tak larat nak upload gamba2 ngn diowg2 nehh skg.(byakk woahh), you are welcome to check them out in FB! ;)

15th Feb

firstly, relax, story aint finish. hahha
soo firstly i followed my parents to their friend's house, gong xi fa chai mahhh ;)
and then i hung out with budak2 CC KYS kat pasar payangggggggg...
seriously, if it aint for them, i wouldnt be there!!
i mostly hung out ngn zainal naim yg best nehh. hee,,
pstu takde keje, actually takde transport balek,, i followed them to yuni's apartment. this time kann,, ifa to the rescue! hahahh, diowg tk taw jalan, i showed, hahah,, tolong skett je ahh. ;)
pstu kat rumah yunie tuhh,, budak2 tuh, x abes2 lagik taww.. g karaoke lagikk woahh!
i can say with absolute confidence, the neighbours could hear them LOUD and CLEAR!
diowg neh lawak, and i love them lol. <33
i hung out at the balcony with naim,, showed him which building is which, and talked. hahahh
lame x jupe kann,,
pstu abes diowg cyap2, dinner!
at first we went to chilada, but it was not to our liking. hahahh, actually chilada peeps found us not to their liking. i know, baka kan? hahahh
so we went to batu burok's gerai instead. more talking and lepaking..
at last, it was time to say goodbye. :(
i didnt cry~ (huu, ngn banggenyek! ekeke)
but i was really sad to see them go. terengganu might not be the best place for us to hang out totally, but it was really really nice to see them again. i hope to see them again. miss you all already!

dedicated to you :
hee,, awkk, dun worry, kte jge baek2. tenx link~ ahahaa. ;)
and that's a wrap people. ^^

Friday, February 12, 2010


there will always come a time when you trust someone a lot.
you would say to yourself, this person wouldnt hurt me, ever.
but when that moment comes, when that particular person did something that ultimately made you cry out because of the pain in your heart, what happens then?
would all the good things that happened before seem so fake?
would you never ever want to speak with that person again?
would you take revenge or just run?
it's weird you know. all these while, you felt almost certain, your heart wont hurt. but then, it did. it was punched by that person that left you almost a wreck.

lets just hope, whatever happens, you'll be strong, thanks to whatever happened before.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today, i am officially done with TOV. finishing it off with est 2 ( which by the way is pretty hard ) i later spent my time wandering the hallways of school. literally. there were a few papers already ready to fill us with despair so, to make sure the holiday mood is not spoiled, we totally avoid finding out.

Speaking about HOLIDAYS, with much enthusiasm, i shall now announce that we have a 9 day holiday due to the Chinese New Year! Awesome right? Yeah yeah, there those silly sekolah-ganti-day on two saturdays but wth, it's for a 9day straight holiday. No objections to long holidays!

But unfortunately for me, sadly being a form 5, i start my holiday with tuitions.
Takpelaa, for this year only ifa. i would console myself when at the end of rushing to tuitions day.

So anyways, what would this week of holiday be about?

1. Tuitions
2. Clean up my room ( dh buat dah!)
3. Hang out ngn superduperwoman yg best tuhh
4. Piano and violin classes (klu ade)
5. Kaijiey balik!! ( yeayyy~ :)
6. Band practice.
7. Study!!!!!!! (effort neh!)
8. Homework....
9. Jadik promoter kat pameran pelamin tuhh

actually, i've forgotten all the homeworks our teachers had 'entrusted' us with before the exams. what to do~
well, i totally absolutely nk lepak ngn merzie + geng2 laen tuh. woohoo~

anywhoo, i have blabbed more than i should.
till the next opportunity for me to blab.
with love, ifa sot si kuneng

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

la la darlingg

1st post for this blog. i deleted my old blog because i got bored. and.. I also started this blog because i'm bored. oh yes, i get bored easily.

my blog I'll Fly Away = I.F.A.
not much, but hehh, so what.

i blab a lot, i apologize for that.
but right now, there's really nothing to blab about yet. back from school, tired, only want to lepakkk before tomorrow comes.

peace out ( ok that's weird, sorry) =]