Friday, February 19, 2010

reality check

i am not psyched that today has come.
it just means that school is opening.
yes i am happy that i'll be hanging out with mereka2 again, but still, all the headaches in class is nooo fun. gler3 malas nak bangun awal and stare bleary eyed at cekgu2 lagikk.
these, are the after-effects of holidays. hahakk~

at my porch now, there are two hideous looking but still in good shape bikes.

note : i sprayed one hideously in silver, and the other was sprayed black by kaijey. and believe me, i have no sense of straight lines. besides, spray silver tu abes tetbe!

we are now wanting to go cycling to the beach.
just now my neighbours dtg and slh sorg aunty tuh, aunty pat, told me,
"smlm aunty nmpk u naek basikal round2 kat halaman."
i pon tersipu2 malu. haiyaakk,, awat aunty sorg neh suke sgt skodeng ktorg ahh?
now why would i be embarassed? sebab kann,
semalam tengah mood malas and gile.
i cycled wearing only my sleeveless tee.ooppss. (with long pants laa. aku tkdela sexy abes2n!)

i've realised that i have now come close to the danger of hoping.
yeah yeah, hope is good. but it damn well hurt when it all comes crushing down.
i now keep reminding myself to not stray off my path, keep my head and mind clear.
i mean, seriously, i must focus on what's important.
dont get me wrong, you are important in a way.
but there's a problem. it's called life. and in life, not everything will still be there for me to hold on to till the end.

so this is my reality check, i have to start focusing. 
sidetracks are risky eventhough they are fun.

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