Thursday, February 11, 2010


Today, i am officially done with TOV. finishing it off with est 2 ( which by the way is pretty hard ) i later spent my time wandering the hallways of school. literally. there were a few papers already ready to fill us with despair so, to make sure the holiday mood is not spoiled, we totally avoid finding out.

Speaking about HOLIDAYS, with much enthusiasm, i shall now announce that we have a 9 day holiday due to the Chinese New Year! Awesome right? Yeah yeah, there those silly sekolah-ganti-day on two saturdays but wth, it's for a 9day straight holiday. No objections to long holidays!

But unfortunately for me, sadly being a form 5, i start my holiday with tuitions.
Takpelaa, for this year only ifa. i would console myself when at the end of rushing to tuitions day.

So anyways, what would this week of holiday be about?

1. Tuitions
2. Clean up my room ( dh buat dah!)
3. Hang out ngn superduperwoman yg best tuhh
4. Piano and violin classes (klu ade)
5. Kaijiey balik!! ( yeayyy~ :)
6. Band practice.
7. Study!!!!!!! (effort neh!)
8. Homework....
9. Jadik promoter kat pameran pelamin tuhh

actually, i've forgotten all the homeworks our teachers had 'entrusted' us with before the exams. what to do~
well, i totally absolutely nk lepak ngn merzie + geng2 laen tuh. woohoo~

anywhoo, i have blabbed more than i should.
till the next opportunity for me to blab.
with love, ifa sot si kuneng

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