Saturday, February 27, 2010

tepuk amai-amai, belalang, kupu-kupu!

today was a fairytale..

actually, not even close.
today we just went to the old folks' home kat bukit payongg~ shopped with them at mydin wuu~
there's really not much to tell, but still, a priceless memory. =]
note : today was my 4th time in Mydin! :D

the sad part of the day would be the time where right after we came back from rumah sejahtera - the old folks' home's name bytheway, - i, had to rush to my accounts tuition at 3 o'clock. taw tak, PENAT GLER!
when the teacher was not looking, i actually managed to sleep for..em.. 20 seconds? hehehh
after tuition was a whole hour looking at of course, the source of our mind destruction, TV. ;)
and night fell, and i started on the PAI's presentation.

speaking of PAI's presentation,
i remembered when the first time we started on Ibadat's chap - PERKAHWINAN.
Ustazah Fatimah Musa actually asked about the kind of husband. us girls wanted.
i was unlucky enough to be questioned by her. so i spoke whatever came to my mind, which was ;

Lagi tue
Berpendidikan tinggi

and last

Rambut Curly2 aka Kerinting

okayy, i dont have anything against guys with non-curly hairstyles. really. i just happened to still be in love with BOF's character Gu Jun Pyo at that time. he has curly hair!! and teramatt hensem!
skg x la gile cm dulu dahh..hehehh
oh and mse tuh criusly langsung tade idea nak ckp ape lagik. ahaha, abes dak2 5B neh ketawa. hui3
this week SMK Sultan Sulaiman has sports day.
and Brass Band will be performing.
More sun, haiyaakkk~
i am currently loving the band, mereka2 amat beshh.
but somehow, a power is not wanting me to join band. problems rise one after another.
i'll just toughen up and brace for the impact.
all right, back to sports,
somehow, my name ended up in the Paduka's Athletes yg Dipaksa List.
However, I have no freaking idea what event i am taking part in.
Well, this sucks.

I have now blabbed more than i aimed for.

pictures of Interactors during Old Folks' Home Visit will soon be uploaded in FB.
that is, if i have the time.
luv, si kuneng 


  1. nk wat cner, dh kne blaja lam agame part ibadat.
    ahaha ;)