Tuesday, February 23, 2010

i am tired of drama

school ohh school~
i am now in a not-so-nice mood and wanna ditch some of my thoughts.
yes, it is nice to be in school and hang with my friends.
no it is not fun to be in school so much.
yes, it is cool to have more laughter.
no, it is soo damn not cool to feel tension.
i mean, seriously, kat rumah pon tension,
kat sekolah pon tension,
hoyy! mnelaa aku nk ade tempat aman weyh?!

i am bloody tired of drama.
as if life is not complicated enough??

mule2, you.
ok, fine, salah aku kan?
how can i tell anyone anything if i dont know what to say?

now you.
kau kan, aku dh cakap dulu,, 
dont hope anything more from me.
dulu kau jugak yg ckp xnk contact dh ngn aku, ckp sedih konon,patah hati konon.
i am sooo sick of all those things you say taww
it's because i meant it when i say friends only.
why the bloody hell do you play dumb?

and you.
i'm sorry i'm sorry i'm sorry.
i just dont have the courage.
i'm sorry i always run away from whatever i know have the potential to screw things up.
i want things as they usually are or used to be.

sometimes it's better that way.

if this post in any way offends you, i apologize.
i just needed a time out.
i still care you know.
unless of course, you have absolutely nothing to do with this post.
jgn bajett. 
luv, ifa 


  1. ifa,amat gile hidop kte kn ?
    msok f5,everything change.
    npe this year bru nk jd bnde nie ?
    npe tk last year n npe bkn next year ?
    arghh.same2 lah kte menggile oke ;)

    lovee azie :)

  2. ye,ye
    my fault.
    sy brundur.

  3. superAzie! ; betol2. tension! tidakk!!

    memeyy ; ifa mntk maaf for everything ekhh. sorry ifa emo terlebih smue nehh.
    salah ifa gakk. cpat emo. :(