Friday, July 23, 2010

tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian.

Kay the title was the result of the speech I juz heard.
I am now at syahbandar - festival gamelan.
I know, weird place to be blogging ayte? But I'm dead bored so screw whatever weirdness.
Heck, my dad's falling asleep next to me.
It started out like this;
I was supposed to go for tuition, turns out there was no class when my mom told me that there was tonight.
So my dad was to go to this festival, and I was like, hey I'll tag along! Huge mistake.
I quite forgot that where there are people in batiks, there are long speeches that make no damn sense.
Why can't they juz be like, " welcome. With this I rasmikan this festival"

So tomorrow is finally the Agong's day at ss.
And ryte afta that I'm off to music camp once more.
So here's the thing, I'm not even sure of the schedule of that camp. Haha, talk about being blindly led. ;)

I juz saw real life japanese people in kimonos. Awesome x)
Oh finally, speeches are over. Enterainment time please people ;)

Ps; I am literally surrounded by people in batik. And I'm in my hoodie and jeans plus slippers. Hahah, screw the dress code xP

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I love the way you lie.

Things are sh*tty these days.
I am forever loomed over by trials and spm itself.
I am still behind in my studies in many ways you could imagine.

The past week, i didnt go to school - cheers ! x)
Music camp, boring, dull, exciting, exhilirating etc etc.
Hahaa, all in all, fun but lack of activities -duh- and upsetting - in my view - because i missed school.
Hey, a girl has a conscience. ;)
Dahla 5 org je kowt kem tuh. Plus, i really missed the comfortable accodomations of home.
Call me spoiled, but hey, i survived ayte?

I dont know what's up with me nowadays.
I get pissed easily, one minute hyper the other down like hell.
Then again, i guess i do know why.
There's only so much a girl can take.
I'm exhausted, tired of lectures, cant find anything that soothes me.
I pray i get better - i dont like being emo okay?

Good news? I didnt get PLKN. And hoping that's final !
Hehe Irra Hazirah, Tahniah ! Anda dipilih untuk menyertai Latihan Khidmat Negara siri 11 - kot? - yang pasti, tahun 2012.

x) ; i hope everything's okay.

Well, that's updating.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn.
But it's alright because i like the way it hurts.
Just gonna stand there and hear me cry.
But it's okay because i love the way you lie.
I love the way you lie.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sparks fly, it's like electricity.

And thus, MCCP went by :) - to ones who have no freaking idea what that is, it stands for Majlis Cakna Cemerlang Pelajar - huh, at least i think so. but in other words, Report Card Day, or Parent-Teacher Conference. yes, the day most students despised greatly, although the fact that there are no classes and you can come and go as you please is a total up-side.
It was a dragg and a bore. But there are several spotlighted events.

I like that we shrieked shrilly when we shared the happy secret.
I like that we learned that people buy burger without the bun.
I like that we hung out behind the class expecting to hear the boys gossip but got dissapointed.
I like that we had our dads arriving at the same time - though in a way abs fearful !
ziemaa ! i liver you <3 ;)

 Heyy, so the day wasnt so bad i guess.

Currently ;

Get the difference between 'dont want' and 'cannot' ? 
splendid ! now we get each other?

I would like to apologize if luck wont be on my side.
Yes i would love revenge and the sweet taste of victory.
But things aint looking so good right now.  ;(
I'm sorry, I'll help in any way i can SSMB :(

Light Chat

I am trying to recall a conversation i had with anak pak wahab several days back.
I cant find in my memories what caused the conversation, but i definitely remembered what it was about.
Having the boarding school experience, there are the small things we believe girls would love oh so very much. I will tell from my view.

In boarding schools,
we had lockers. You know, to stuff all the books for classes and such.
So there would be events when a girl would open her locker and find a bar of chocolate with a note left in there. Or birthday gifts. Sometimes, just really nice notes. :)
It's really a sweet thing and sometimes horrifying because usually, lockers have locks. XD
Sometimes, notes in books are a cute thing too ;)
Next, boyfriends carrying their girlfriends stuff before prep. Sure there'll be books to bring back to prep. And as the bfs walk the gfs towards the prep - of course there would be a limit point where the boys cant pass - they carry those books. Wonder if the boys would carry a whole load of books if the gf asked to? XD

so this is the konon2 gentleman act x)

As a total failure, i have not yet deactivated my FB.
But the date is set. 070710.
May my silly teenage self have the strength and patience for it. :)

I think we're slipping away from each other, dont you think?
I would be a fool to be blind to this. :(

 title : kissing you - miranda cosgrove - catchy song :D