Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sparks fly, it's like electricity.

And thus, MCCP went by :) - to ones who have no freaking idea what that is, it stands for Majlis Cakna Cemerlang Pelajar - huh, at least i think so. but in other words, Report Card Day, or Parent-Teacher Conference. yes, the day most students despised greatly, although the fact that there are no classes and you can come and go as you please is a total up-side.
It was a dragg and a bore. But there are several spotlighted events.

I like that we shrieked shrilly when we shared the happy secret.
I like that we learned that people buy burger without the bun.
I like that we hung out behind the class expecting to hear the boys gossip but got dissapointed.
I like that we had our dads arriving at the same time - though in a way abs fearful !
ziemaa ! i liver you <3 ;)

 Heyy, so the day wasnt so bad i guess.

Currently ;

Get the difference between 'dont want' and 'cannot' ? 
splendid ! now we get each other?

I would like to apologize if luck wont be on my side.
Yes i would love revenge and the sweet taste of victory.
But things aint looking so good right now.  ;(
I'm sorry, I'll help in any way i can SSMB :(

Light Chat

I am trying to recall a conversation i had with anak pak wahab several days back.
I cant find in my memories what caused the conversation, but i definitely remembered what it was about.
Having the boarding school experience, there are the small things we believe girls would love oh so very much. I will tell from my view.

In boarding schools,
we had lockers. You know, to stuff all the books for classes and such.
So there would be events when a girl would open her locker and find a bar of chocolate with a note left in there. Or birthday gifts. Sometimes, just really nice notes. :)
It's really a sweet thing and sometimes horrifying because usually, lockers have locks. XD
Sometimes, notes in books are a cute thing too ;)
Next, boyfriends carrying their girlfriends stuff before prep. Sure there'll be books to bring back to prep. And as the bfs walk the gfs towards the prep - of course there would be a limit point where the boys cant pass - they carry those books. Wonder if the boys would carry a whole load of books if the gf asked to? XD

so this is the konon2 gentleman act x)

As a total failure, i have not yet deactivated my FB.
But the date is set. 070710.
May my silly teenage self have the strength and patience for it. :)

I think we're slipping away from each other, dont you think?
I would be a fool to be blind to this. :(

 title : kissing you - miranda cosgrove - catchy song :D


  1. Haha thnks to me awak belajar beli burger tnpe bun, tp awak tk letak ape ape pun, even the sauce! Haha ifa ifaa ;p thanks again ;)

  2. ehh?? ala. ktorg kne letak ekh? pkcik tuh bg jep. x phm cner nk beli laa. miwa kne ajar laa ! XD