Thursday, July 26, 2012

Something real, something sweet, something real sweet.

I was, a moment ago, reading some essays as prep for my MUET writing exam on Saturday..
As usual, I got bored, so I wanted to go on Twittah, and got real nice shock when the words on the screen were, "Twitter is currently down."
Hey TwittahManiacs, betcha keep hitting the refresh button ey ?

So I decided to see if my grammar was bad by, well, writing here. Also, by dedicating this post to 3 people who I miss terribly ; Farah . Zafira . Atun .

*it is my utmost regret to inform that they did not blackmail me or use force of any kind so I would write this post.

Okeyy, Farah and Zafira were my roommates last sem and Atun was a regular tenant in our room -__-
They're loud, hillarious, crazy.. Eat a lot. HEHE
 And, they call me mummy. When, clearly, I'm the youngest XDD
*shoutout : "Yes my dears, korang tige2 tue !"

They were the ones who got me through tough times, guided me, cheered me up, made me go crazy, made me laugh til my stomach hurts, saw me cried, saw me roll on the floor, saw me at my worst, and weirdest.

It's true what people say, a person, cannot be truly, a good friend, if they had never lived with you.

I love them for how they accept I'm awkward and weird, *and nice :DD *buat muke cute
I love them for how they took the time to know me.
For how crazy they can be, and yet appear absolutely normal outside and how they always amuse me.
They've never failed to surprise me, to umm, add stuff to my knowledge -__-
And, the criticism, the insults, the cheeky remarks and comebacks. You wouldnt believe how much O.O

It is embarrassing to be writing such nice stuff about you three ! *Aargh malu gilee nak letak mane muke nanti >.<

And I'm almost positive that when you read this *hoping that the thought of checking my blog crosses your minds a year from now* You'll be laughing. So hard.
I miss your laughter so badly right now :(  *nak mengilai pun ngilai lah. Rindu dengar. hahaa

I hope that we'll meet soon. :)
Cannot wait to be studying together again.
I pray that we never grow further apart. That we'll still be sitting around commenting on each others' weight and looks and kids *errr ?* when we're like, 40 or something. Haha.

Kawan sampai Jannah.
Sayang korang :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All That I Am Left With

When I learned writing essays and stories last time, my tutors told me to always think of a title.
I resented that.
I have a horrid habit of always running out of topic.
But training me to do so, keeps me in control. Gives me a sense of boundaries I suppose.
I dont write stories and essays anymore.
I write meaningless stuff here though.
And being out of practice, I dont usually have a title ready.
Sometimes, you can see the title seem to not have any connection whatsoever to the content.
I'm weird like that. -_-
I've scrolled down and read my posts, realizing how silly some of them are.

Coz you see. I dont easily say what I feel. Out loud.
It's like, super hard.
But, I can write about them.
Encrypted with riddles and I always beat around the bush to get to the point, but I get there.
I just, cant say it. Say it to someone.
 So I write.

I've been feeling like a living dummy. Not that I know what a dummy feels like. Nor a living dummy.
In fact, dummies scare the hell out of me so lets drop this dummy thing.
I've been feeling useless.
Just wake up, send my sis to my teacher's house,
Be a potato couch,
Wait for my sis to come back,
Wait around for a text or bbm all day -__-
Just looking for some humans to interact with.
Yeah well, you get the idea. -___-

So i'm pretty psyched when i got my offer letter.
Alhamdulillah. :)
But yeah, just seeing, 'Bachelor of Laws' makes me so damn nervous.
I mean, I barely made it through my first sem of CFS. -__-
I'm like a walking time bomb studying this course.
So yeah, I have some serious doubts about really, really, setting this course of my life.

I suppose, it's perfectly natural to feel this way huh ?
I guess all I'm left with,
is to go with the flow.

I'm sure, He already has made the best plan for me.
InsyaAllah :)
Ya Allah, kepadaMu aku berserah. :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Loss of Fight

I trusted you enough to believe I wont ever feel this pain from an invisible wound.
I was foolish.
I was a fool.
I'm still a fool.
Because still, I think of giving you another chance to break my already broken heart.