Wednesday, April 14, 2010

ooo shocker.

ehh x shocking ponn.
terkezut sikeettt jepp.
haa, tomorrow~
i'll be off to god-knows-where hutann kat merang or smtg.
dhla keadaan tdk mengizinkan,
tula, gedik sgt nk pegy!
hahaa, tkpe2. experience..
ye ahh, if things were different, leyh KOT g  cmpg mse form4.
tp kann, thinking back,
i am happy with my life here even with all the bittersweet memories.
tp ifa sedeyhh. igt balek last year yg happening.
this year, one by one problems dtg mnjenguk otak. x tahan raser.
i thought i was stronger, tp naek darah one second, another second nanges.
weyhh budu la ifa!
i'd like to take the opportunity to thank najaa for lending me her shoulder for a second, and aziema who tried to come and see if i was still being pathetic. hihiii~ lpas nanges tu baru rse lapang dada taww. hehehh
tkpelaa, forget ifa forget !
focus focus! you know your direction eventhough it's a little hazy.

okeyy, it's time to face total nature !
doakan keselamatan kami semua :)

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