Thursday, May 6, 2010

nervous breakdown much ?

i nearly had a nervous breakdown !
okay, a lil exaggarating, but still !
i liver my effing phone - actually i dont liver the phone, i just liver having a phone. ;)
we were totally caught off guard. my brain was still buzzing with all the coss and sins and tans. hehehh. i didnt even hid the phone.
it was just somewhere in my small bag stuffed with my telekung, baju pj and tracks and sunblock and purse - and i mean abs stuffed.
soo, you can imagine how fast my heart was pounding when the green people at last rummaged through it.
and you cannot imagine the relief and surprise when they did not find it, even the earphones i did not meant to bring !
so i am now making an oath to NOT bring my phone to school anymore except when exceptions are essential ;D

note to reader : liver is hati. ;) thus, i liver you !  ---- something fatifahs came up with while we were in a crazy mood. back atcha ziema, i totally liver you !<33