Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Waiting for someone to tell me it's my turn to decide

this post has no purpose besides a need to update.
so be patient with my raving ;D

so yeah, i told myself that i need to give my blog a makeover. i had been scouring the web for some decent background for this blog, but believe me, im soo fussy that every single background i see would be criticsized - too bright, too girly, too emo, too simple. heishh. cant i just hire someone to do this ? oh wait, im broke. haha ;D

i had started working with my mom for two days now.
my job right now pleases me, since im in charge of all computer stuff - edit photos, drawing up schedules for projects, running the business's FB, bla3..
but everything's peaceful now since its jan and my mom only accepted a small number of projects.
the horror comes in feb. i remembered after my pmr i had to stay up until about 2am at her shop doing all those hantarans. and sleepiness totally downgrades what little creativity i have. hahaha ;) 
but im just thankful to have something to do. besides, i get to go online while working, how cool is that ? hahah
salary ? depends. my elder sis used to work for her to. in a month, she got about 200 which was , what, 2% of my mom's projects that month ? so the more projects i help her with, the fatter my purse would be ;DD

highlight ; i rarely shop on my own. it's nicer to shop with my mom because she's all about the truth when i emerge from the fitting room. -- no, you'd look fat in that, no you'd want to wear this to look taller, no, that's so out of season. --- huh, she's better at fashion than me, though sometimes i had to disagree to her taste. hers is sometimes too..womenly perhaps ? i prefer simple, rugged, neat. whatever. ;) 

upcoming ; im going to jakarta and bandung from 10th to 12th ! im just accompanying my mom, she needs to restock her wedding dresses ( you know, there are already a few that i have my eye upon, haha ! ) but suree, she'll let me do some shopping. :) -- anybody wanting to pesan2, contact nehh :D

downside -- my mom has unlimited energy when she shops and only collapses after she's done. usually halfway through, i can barely stand. hahahh :D

title : king of anything - sara bareilles -- current fave :)

ps ; i simply just adore you :))

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