Saturday, January 29, 2011

but you'll always be my hero.

my wish - and irra's - has at last been fulfilled. we had wanted to go to secret recipe since the time we got back from kl last month.
why ?
chocolate lava , that's why ! hahah, fave fave dessert of the moment.
full of chocolate sweetness that will fatten me up, but who cares. imma chocolate lover.
cant help it hee ;)

emm today was a dragg as usual. i spent my evening playing the piano - with irra nearby singing - playing whatever comes up on my playlist on my phone.
soo the songs that i have successfully played til the end ;

daniel powter - next plane home
rihanna - love the way you lie part 2 -- favourite!! of the moment ! on the piano it sounds soo niceee ;D
taylor swift - back to december
bunkface - extravaganza
taylor swift - hey stephen
secondhand serenade - something more
red jumpsuit apparatus - your guardian angel :))
goo goo dolls - before it's too late

knowing me, if i dont play these songs everyday, i'll forget the notes soon enough ;DD

woww, im that bored that im talking about these stuff on my blog ? ugh.

current ;

ibu kate " nak belajar maen guitar ? ask abah to get you one. ibu know someone who can teach you. "
confused here. should i ? i do so want a guitar. haha ;D

allrightt, my munchini is calling me to go to bed. tomorrow gotta work ! ;)

a peek into my mind ; sometimes, i get tired of waiting :(

title ; love the way you lie part 2
*clears throat -- no, i will never love the way you lie x)

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