Saturday, January 22, 2011

Kurangi Kecepatan ; Second Page :)

Indonesia : Day Two

day two starts with an early rise; 5 oclock in the morning -- mind you, indonesian time ! hahaha
breakfast at grandeur, welll, i could not be happier. what with my fave pancakes topped with chocolate syrup being my first choice. and the waiter even let me add some icing sugar.
total sweetness, and i wonder how ive gotten so fat there -_-"
after making sure we've supplied enough energy, - never can be enough when you're shopping with my mom XD - we're off to Tanah Abang.
from a far, it looked, high class, being a cream-green tall building with nice patterns and all,
but once inside, well, it's pretty much like mangge due.
small stores here and there, and shopkeepers waiting for you, " beli kak, boleh kak " bla bla bla kak. hahaha.
well my mom was trying to change my image, what with my usual black tudung, to a shawl kind of girl. its not that i think its not nicee, its just that it takes too much pampering to get it look right.
so we looked fr shawls and some other kind of tudungs. hahah.
my shopping fr the day ; 3 carry on bags.
my mom's shopping fr the day ; A LOT :|
we walked from the 10th floor to basement. TIRED ! ;(
there was this wedding dress butik, she spent like, 2 hours choosing about 20 dresses. i even fell asleep and the mamat2 indon taking care of the booth were like trying to cheer me up. i was like, wth ? leave me alone, i dont want to smile and talk, im sleepy. and so, they left me fr a bit until i was in a better mood. haha
so we formed acquaintance with the people in that shop. and towards the end i allowed myself to chat a bit with the workers, -- okay they talked and joked, i struggled trying to understand quickly enough to talk back. hahaha
one of the boys, Alam i think that's his name, helped with the heavy load to the parking lot.
so culture shock here -- during our parting, he held out his hand to my mom and the aunties like casually and they shook hands. when he came to me, i was like, what ? thank god, i was wearing my gloves, so just to not offend him, shook hands. pelik kan org indon ? i swore he was a Muslim. im wearing gloves everytime i go shopping at indon next time ;D
so after Tanah Abang closed, we were off for a place to eat.
it was a seafood place called Pondok Laguna.
not bad at all. the place looked expensive and everything.
Cik Lynn said if you were to meet indon stars, this would be the place. believe me, i looked around, and not see one person who looked the slightest bit familiar. haha x)
and soo ends Day Two. :)

laterr Day Three ; Bandung :)


  1. ala ifah, tktau eh orang indon mazhab die lain. so boleh bersalaman dgn opposite sex :))

  2. ohyeaa, i remember someone mentioning that to me once. but still, it was weird. jap, we still have to stick to our mazhab kan ?