Saturday, January 8, 2011

D'you know, you know i love you so

i'll be taking the early flight to KL. and will be staying at Kak Rohaya's house for a night.
on 10th, 
 it's hello Jakarta :) 

goodnews ; just took that comp test i've been stalling for a while. haha. i got 48/50. not badd considering i just studied last night and this morning. haha !

my current mood, not that you'd care much, but hey, you're reading up till here right ?
thrilled - going for a trip ! i totally need an out from my daily routine for a bit.
dread - for the tireness that awaits me :|
happy - hey i passed that freaking test !
touched - hushh :)
loved - i'll keep that to myself as well :)

title : coldplay - yellow

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