Wednesday, February 23, 2011

egomaniac ;)

i still can hardly believe my luck. sweet serendipity huh ?
the fact remains, that i can be cold at times, unpurposely. cause it is simply an instinct of mine to shield myself from the possibility of getting hurt.
i suppose that's where you come in. there aint no need for a bulldozer to knock down the walls, you just presented yourself after a polite knock on the door. funny how you made it near enough to simple, for me to let my guard down.
but i'm still me. intent on preserving my pride.
i gotta learn this, a girl's ego can steep over a guy's. but the girl has gotta give in once a while.
for girls, ego is built.
for guys, it naturally appears within them as they grew.

moving on to another thing to ponder upon.
so should my sis go to SESTER ?
she may be a pain in the neck at times, what with her haughty manner and indifference to other people's feelings, but no sister's heart would not ache at her despair and tears of being forced away from home.
but she's gotta learn how to live in this world and not always just be comfy in her little safe bubble.
the most important thing she's gotta learn is to tolerate with other people, even like other people. believe me, my sister has the tendency to dislike everybody who she doesnt count as her friend.
i suppose you can call her a lil spoiled, but in a good way ?

allright, time to hug munchini ;)

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