Sunday, February 27, 2011

who are you ? i am number four ! ;)

alex pettyfer is damnn hott ! hehe. so i'll probably be a bit biased in rating this movie, i think it's cool, wayyy better than tron -_-"
and the number six girl rocks ! she's better at fighting than number four. here's the flaw, somehow, number four is supposedly to be most powerful, but during the fighting and stuff, number six seems better. hahaha
almost missed the starting of the movie. someone, was late. i half-thought to ditch the movie and wait haha. sacrifice alex pettyfer ? big move ? huh, anything for you lah. :)

current ; i say we go to war !


  1. cam tau tau je sape yg ditunggu tu. hehehe :P
    kirim salam dekat mamat pettyfer yerh!

  2. hahahh ala, wat tkthu la ;D baekk !! <3