Friday, February 11, 2011

my day being a tall person ;)

well, for starters, it was not a bad day at all.
screw the fact that im not all psyched with my face at the moment, what with my abruptly changed eyebrows, and my eyes still sting of the aftereffects of fake eyelashes and that my face throbs from the hour of scrubbing to get all the make up off.

okayhh, trying to keep this short, coz im terribly sleepy.
today, i was the 'model' for the make up contest. what i didnt know was, with it, comes the fashion show contest.

so i pretty much went up the stage and looked like a damn fool.
sbb tu tk dpat placing pon kott. em maaf ea rakan2 seperjuangan Kirey Bride :(

em pape pon. bess aa hri ne, *sbb sesi fotografi ngn geng2 havoc ne jea benor ;D

tomorrow tomorrow !
inviting all to come. please support our pelamin ! ;D

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