Saturday, February 12, 2011

renjis2 air mawar

habes ponn karnival pelamin nehh. fuhh, penat punye penattt.
erm nak cite exclusive pasal Karnival Pelamin ne tak ?
hehe, wait for the next post. i have to go sleepp. my munchini is calling me !
tpi kami - geng pasang pelamin - ifa wani apih - sgt looking frward after minggu neh. sbb ? wahh, tak ramai org kawen bulan due lahh.
TAPI ! masyaAllah, bulan tige GILE GILE busy ! ramaii syot nak kawen ! nak2 12hb tuhh. 6 pelamin kene pasang dalam 1 hri ? uish, 3 pelamin pon mcm nk pengsan. hahaha.

conclusion ; looking for 2 guys to be part time pemasang pelamin. paid according to how many pelamins you worked on. preferably has a car license. able to climb ladders, use a stapler gun or in KIREY's language, 'ketangg', load and unload heavy objects, take orders and able to endure a day without eating until the work is done. hahaha no worries, around 1am we'll have those missed breakfast lunch and dinner ;D

munchini says goodnight munchkins !

emm, imissyousomuch, love, that i couldnt help but feel a little hurt as much as i try to ignore it.
but being me, it's so hard to say that directly to you. :(

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