Monday, June 21, 2010

Behind the scenes.

How can one not feel crushed after that?
How can one's spirit not feel terribly low?
We tried to stay calm as we slowly involuntarily get involved in this cruel world where dirty politics and bribery rules majestically in a bad way.
I couldn't cry for i felt numb.

We really did our best. Every single one of them did.
I am a total newbie in this crowd, but i have gotten to love and adore them for the way they love and adore each other. Drama is common but so is forgiveness. Music is what unites this crowd as well as love and respect.
Anda semua rock dan best. 
Jangan moral down.
SSMB IS the very BEST. 

- Retiring from the crowd, happy but sad, laughing but at the same time grieving. :')

My wish

To have more time.

Addmaths folio - uncomplete
Piano exam - totally not ready - mmg mati ahh klu fail. 500 + flew out the window. -_-"
IU Day - gawd, i am on tcer wan's wanted list. x)

Studies - like hell.

Facebook and wuteva other things that distract me, you are going doowwnnn x)

Being me is crappy, but i love all the moments. - well, not all ;)

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