Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I wish i could drive. Doesnt matter if i have a license or not. Would make my life a lot better.
And i could avoid being late for band - at least no running was involved x)
I was kinda absent throughout band practice, my mind wandering every minute or so.
I tend to do that when i just had a rough time.
You can say that it's a way of trying to hold myself together.
Of the event this morning, i have to admit it affected me the whole day, that is until i got home and got a nice nap.

So it's just me and Irra now.
It's a drag being in this empty house. And when i'm bored, I'll open the damn refrigerator every 30 minutes or so, hence the weight gain.
A good thing band is a very efficient workout.

I really have got to get my lazy ass to work. I havent done the acceptable amount of homework i received.
And by acceptable i mean little. ;D
Bless the people who have tons of homework and are finishing them.
And by people, i mean my sister, Irra Hazirah.

Anyhow, i'm catching Glee at nine.
So let's grab that BM essay book shall we?

Side orders : Bored without you. x)
sheeshh, even now i'm thinking of food?


  1. hahaha ! ade bnde design tuhh,
    since mlas sgt nk g hunting, tgk kat ctu sudah laa ;)