Friday, June 11, 2010

hye, i'm chucky. wanna play?

kayy just remembering the way that doll said that gives me the creeps.
i didnt remember the story well and was curious to watch it just now when it was shown on cinemax.
and then i remembered why in the world i was so damn scared of dolls last time.
why wont that freaking doll just die ?!
i mean the head went off, a leg and an arm was blasted away !
and it still moves??!
i pray to not get nightmares tonight.
and my heart's practically beating as fast as it was when the movie showed the first time that doll moved.
I HATE DOLLS because i'm SCARED of them.
particularly dolls like that chucky - big , human size, fake hair, but eyes that look too real or worst, moves. x(

i really really am scared of them you can even call it some kind of phobia.
i dont want to watch that again.

note to self : dont let your curiosity take over you.


  1. Haha chill meh, i watched that movie like 3 times, yes at first i was friggin scared but then, i overcome my fear. fyi, i love chucky's fake hair! ;)

  2. hee miwa~
    but i really am terrified of dolls.
    ones like chucky, or worst, dummies like in dead silence.
    ugh hahaa