Tuesday, June 8, 2010

holding hands will fall.

another similar day as the day before, and before that and before that.
can my holidays be anymore boring? i havent even started all the important things which meant only this - homework and STUDY !
so far my days were devided to these ;
1. Band
2. Piano
3. Sleep
4. Lying on the bed reading or texting or just waiting for drowsiness to overcome me.

Really, i am soo in need of a self wake up call - though that would mean a really bad event. x_x

I am positive there is just something in the past that you'd rather not go through again.
Let alone let it appear in your life again.
In my case, well, at first i thought i would feel nothing.
But then, later i felt like i had this old wound in my heart suddenly feeling sore again.
I was like, huh, never thought i was hurt that much. i guess i really did like you.
And people wonder why is it hard for a person to fall for someone completely again.
The danger of getting hurt again? Well that's just something i'd rather not risk.

A penny for your thoughts?

I'm scared. I dont know why.
I feel shaken to the core. I don't know why.
I need you, I still dont know why. or who for that matter. :(

i'm surrounded by liars everywhere i turn
i'm surrounded by impostors everywhere i turn
i'm surrounded by identity crisis everywhere i turn
i'm the only one who's noticed
i can't be the only who's learned

i don't wanna be anything other than what i've been trying to be lately
all i have to do is think of me and have peace of mind
i'm tired of looking 'round rooms wonder what i gotta do
or who i'm supposed to be
i don't wanna be anything other than me.

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