Sunday, June 6, 2010

6th June

Yes yes, i know, im a lil late. ;D
but still, mcm budak tuh bce ponn. 
haa, what's 0606?
it's the most-devilish-girl-i-love-in-my-life's birthday , Irra Hazirah Rossid !
hee, we had our terrible quarrels, bad moods, pillow fights, backkicks and slaps,
but at last, we are connected by blood. so i cant get rid of you no matter what XD
dear irra,
even if you cant fit into the shirt i bought you - GEMOKK - it can be your pjs, be happy !
luv ya, weirdo :)

side odders :

sorry, been a busy day dearest.
hope you dont get tired of waiting for me :(
adore youu <3

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