Thursday, June 17, 2010

Talk to yourself, talk to the tears.

Remind me again why i hate you.
I had went through these old photographs.
I couldn't help feeling sad and wee bit nostalgia when i saw them.
I could not believe how everything turned out this way.
How exciting and comforting those days were. How i hate seeing how close we were.
How painful it feels that all those almost seemed like a lie, a tale told in a book that is now slowly dressed with layers of dust.
I erased the ones i see, but i could not rid of the ones that are vague in memoirs right now.
Only time works as the antidote, or poison for what matters.

Picture perfect memories scattered all around the floor.

Remind me again why i don't like you anymore.
I don't like where i am now.
I don't like feeling that rush of adored old times again.
I don't want to smile when i read a text by you that cracks me up, or when you remember what i told you last time.
I don't like that feeling, that feeling where your chest suddenly feels terribly empty and aches when you appeared because i remembered how you disappeared before.
Why now?
Why when i am at my most vulnerable?
Everything is called were and was for a reason.
I don't like you anymore. So don't remind me why i did.

I could go back to every laugh, but i don't wanna go there anymore.

Remind me again why i like you.
I like that sometimes when i think of you, you were already thinking of me.
I like that you put up with me not putting you first.
I like that you stand my flaws and your patience at not hearing what you hoped i would say.
I like that you actually made me like you, when before this i didn't.
But really, is it enough?

You make it hard to see where i belong to

title from a line in - come in with the rain ; taylor swift

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