Wednesday, June 2, 2010

And I wanna fall in love with you again

Yeahh ! I still have one more paper to go which requires nil studying ! - i think.
It kinda sucks having one more paper, and having extra classes, and having to stay back at school until 6 when what i need badly is to snuggle up on the sofa in front of the tv drinking whatever refreshing beverage watching Reversal of Fate after school.
Oh well, that's my life people.
Today had not been the best day for me.
I woke up with a stabbing pain on the side of my neck.
Ever experienced that? Uncomfortable eyh?
Anyways, i suffered from it the whole day - until now ! :( totally hating it.
Then, there was the whole do nothing day, slept in the surau, feeling like crap and band.
Being home at last felt so amazing, words cannot describe it - hah ! exaggerating ! x)

It's funny how I am restless when not hearing from you,
but speechless when i do.
What's going on really?
Guess that's why Jason Castro's Let's Just Fall In Love Again is currently my fave. hee~

I am craving to go out, anywhere is fine. I just wanna hang out.
But clearly, everything is not on my side right now.
So, i just have to be really really patient.

Well that's enough scribbling for today,

Rachel : I knew you'll break my heart.
Jesse : That's the thing about reputations, people always think that i'm the one breaking hearts. But the thing is Rachel, you broke mine first.

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